Death Sleeping Syndrome. Free Essay Example.

Published: 2019-06-04
Death Sleeping Syndrome. Free Essay Example.
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Death (a state of no life) sleeping (a state of mind that is characterized by an altered unconsciousness) syndrome (a set of associated symptoms) is an injury that is brought by the breakage of the skin and underlying body tissues. In other words, it is a damage that breaks the skin when an area of the skin is under pressure. The common name of this condition is known as pressure ulcer or bedsores, or pressure sores. This eponym is reached due to the fact this condition mostly affects people in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where they can no longer move from one position unless the technicians relocate them. In other words, they are half dead. It is for this reason that this pressure ulcer has been given an eponym of Death Sleeping Syndrome.

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Death sleeping syndrome affects several parts of the body that are in constant contact with the bed or physical item when one is sleeping or in the ICU. The particular parts include hips, greater trochanter, elbow, back of the head and ears, lower back and buttock, inner knees, and the heel. From observation, the aforementioned parts will always be in contact with the bed when one is sleeping. The symptoms include maroon or purple skin that is not broken, mushy skin, change in skin tone, and blood filled patches.

Death sleeping syndrome is majorly developed by the inability to move. Therefore, the highly exposed group to this condition are people who are sick and bedded in the hospitals. Particularly, sick people have a limited movement that amounts pressure on some body parts. This means that countries that have high rates of sickness are likely to present a high number of ulcer pressure incidences. Moreover, studies show that old people are likely to develop pressure ulcer because they have limited movement. It is estimated that about half a million individuals in the United Kingdom develop at least death sleeping syndrome in a year. For example, about 1 in 20 individuals who are admitted to hospital with an abrupt illness develops death sleeping syndrome.

Treatment of this condition includes the use of dressing, gels, and creams that are meant to speed up the healing process and relieve the pressure that individuals undergo. Particularly, dressing by the use of Sacral Mepilex reduces further development of ulcer pressure. In some cases, the surgery is advised when the condition becomes too serious. However, some conditions of pressure ulcer are minor which only requires only minor nursing care. Death sleeping syndrome can be very upsetting and unpleasant to treat. It can present individuals with a lot of expenses that cannot be afforded by most people hence prevention becomes the better option. Specifically, the prevention measure is to ensure regular changing of the position. For example patients who are in the ICU should be regularly moved by nurses to prevent pressure accumulation. Moreover, the hospitals should use equipment that protects vulnerable parts of the body, for example, specially designed cushions and mattresses.

There are several effects of pressure ulcer that include poor respiration, slowed bowel movement and disturbed bone metabolism that may hinder normal walking. This has made patients use the wheelchair that later upsurge the condition. Lastly, the financial expenses due to treatment of the condition are one of the disadvantages.

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