Social Stratification Essay

Published: 2017-12-29
Social Stratification Essay
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Port Richmond is a neighborhood in the river wards section of Philadelphia. The region is known as a home of sizable Italian and Germany community which can be observed in various churches and organization around. Richmond is primarily made up of small to medium sized apartments. The neighborhood is characterized by row houses and attached homes, and if you like such houses, Richmond is the perfect place to live. The neighborhood is outstanding with its sheer abundance of homes; Richmond appears to be dominated by Polish heritage as there is a lot of polish restaurants and stores in the entire neighborhood located along the streets. For instance, Allegheny Avenue and Richmond cater for Polish community alone. The Polish community can enjoy their favorite meal dishes, newspapers and polish canned foods on Richmond Street, specifically Krakus Market.

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Essay on social stratification

There is Ancient Park located west of Allegheny Street which provides a playground for children. Ancient Park is a great place where special community event are sometimes held at this location. The largest Catholic Church in the region is found along Allegheny Street as well as well Our Lady of the Port Church is located along same Street. There is a school within the church compound that is run by the Catholic Church to cater for educational needs within the school. At the corner of Salmon streets, there is various traditional pastries and meats while the Richmond Street, south of Allegheny, is characterized by Polish shops and Krakus supermarket where the locals can do their shopping’s. The neighbors in Richmond appears to be lower-middle income when you observe the surrounding. Notably, walking around, you can see some personal cars heading towards various gated apartments and estates. The neighborhood has some recreational centers such as Samuel Recreation Center, Cohocksink Recreation Center, and Heitzman Recreation Center.

My journey did not end here, and I continued driving towards Frankford a neighborhood situated 10 km away from the city center in Philadelphia. Frankford has various school, but the community mostly relies on Frankford High School which is a community public high school. The region is not cool as it appears to be densely populated and a few traders located along the streets. Frankfort comprises of medium sized houses to small houses and small apartment building. The owner occupies most of the residential in the real estates. The way an area looks and feels when you walk or drive around it, from its set up, its structures, and its flavor, can have all the effect. You can see good things about the neighborhood, the way it looks and satisfactory it brings in you. You can incorporate anything from the household stock to the sorts of family units living here to how individuals get around. Wellington neighborhood is the most congested place I have ever come across. The place looked densely populated area, in fact, people prefers walking on foot while going to work. If you are a fan of crowded regions, then Frankford is your favorite destination.

Essay about social stratification

Furthermore, if you are a fun of row houses and attached homes, then you should rent one the apartment in this neighborhood. The real estate can be seen dominated by row houses and attached homes; this place is just unique of its own. What surprised me most is vacant buildings and lots for business on the Frankford Avenue which is a commercial hub of Philadelphia region. Individuals here seem to own personal cars to enhance smooth movement toward workplace and from the workplace. Additionally, children spend most of their time at school, and this is the place where they interact with their friends and participate in various school activities. There is no major shopping center in this neighborhood as most of the people rely on local shops located along the streets. After a busy week of work, individuals like going out with their families to have funny, the two museums; Grand Army of the Republic Museum and Library and historical society of Frankford are key destinations. Along Frankford Creek tributaries, the tributary is surrounded by trees and the region is so colorful as compared to other neighborhoods.

My drive ended at Kensington which is a neighborhood in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and heard I came across different lifestyle. The region is densely populated as you can see that the apartments are not widely spread. The real estate of the neighborhood comprises of small to medium sized houses and small apartments building. Looking closely at the residents, you can tell that they have not been built lately, as such; they look more historical as some of the apartments are old. The neighborhood has higher shares of thatched homes and row houses as compared to other regions. I came across a lot of individuals riding bicycles heading to various places within the neighborhood and observation wise; you can conclude that most people prefer using bikes as compared to the personal car though you could see that most parking yard of some residential apartment having no cars.

Examples of social stratification

Most of the residents here use to train, buses, and bicycles as means of transport. In fact, what surprises me most is that there are few cars in this neighborhood as compared to what I came across in other regions. During the drive, I came across four public schools full of children, and like any other neighborhood, these kids spend most of their weekdays at school. Even though most of the apartments are not occupied, the area seems overpopulated, and you can even see the residents walking from a job as they reside most of them within. When I arrived at the intersection at Kensington and Somerset station, the environment became different as you could see the hypodermic needle and cigarette packs littered almost everywhere. I also came across a factory along Coral Street, and I was told that it was converted into Coral Street Arts, low-income housing for arts. Additionally, the neighborhood is blessed with excellent recreational centers, and the one I liked most was Kensington Community Centre which is located at Knight Street and offers some activities for and programs for everyone.

During my drive, I realized that the three neighborhoods are dominated by thatched homes and row houses. Nonetheless, there are enough recreational facilities for the residents during the weekend after a long busy week. Education for children in this in these neighborhood has been prioritized as all public school is operated by a school district of Philadelphia. Notably, the majority in this region are working class, though they work in local factories which do not pay that much.

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