Development of Human Resource Management. Essay Sample.

Published: 2019-05-22
Development of Human Resource Management. Essay Sample.
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The key learning points in the development of human resource management are the essential skills involved in the process of management. These include an organization that refers to orderly approach and multitasking since a lot of issues are involved in management. There are also negotiations that ensure there are common grounds for operation within an organization. Communication provides personnel get the right messages at all times, discrete and ethics, conflict management and change in management.

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Corporate and Human Resource Strategies

The key learning points here are the examples of best human resource strategies that remain outstanding in the overall market. They include focusing on activities that generate profits, upgrading the workforce, capitalizing on new and vibrant opportunities, and improving employee communication. Other strategies include reducing companys expenses of operation, heading off of increasing employment risks of employees, and making the most of the available training processes.

The Employment Environment

The key learning points are the characteristics of a positive working environment. They include an environment with open and transparent communication, an environment focused on development and training, work-life balanced environment to avoiding overworking of employees. Additionally, hard work recognition environment ensures hard-working employees are motivated and the rest encouraged increasing their efforts, environment with a team spirit that is strong to bring the employees together in ensuring achievement of common goals and acting as sense of unity.

Employee Recruitment and Selection

The key learning points are the guidelines used for selection and recruitment purposes. These guidelines include; submission of recruiting documents- the interested employees fill recruiting documents such as letters and Curriculum Vitae then submits them, selection process- is done primarily through interviews and considering educational backgrounds of the applicants. The interview panel- this is applied mostly in the academic search positions. The members of the board give different views on the applicants and determine the best candidates, individual questions and reinforcements of the questions asked, listening and concluding the selection process.

Integrating New Employees

The learning points are the multi-step processes of integrating employees. These steps include introduction day where employees are handed the human resource department lists, allocation of a sponsor to the employees to supervise them. The distribution of employee mandates followed by a further interview conducted by the employees immediate superior.

Managing performance

There are five performance objectives that managers should observe. These form the personal learning points of the topic. The goals include mentoring by providing support to the staff members, performance review to keep employees on track, fighting underperformance among employees, conducting performance appraisal, and performance review.

Managing absence and employee detention

The learning points are the cost incurred due to absenteeism by employees. This cost can be direct or indirect. The direct cost occurs when the organization is forced to pay the employee who has not worked at all and to pay overtime for those who cover the absent employees. The indirect cost occurs through time wastage, inconvenience and reduced rate on teamwork.

Discipline, Grievance, and Dismissal

The learning points here are the procedures involved in that the three processes are carried out efficiently. The disciplinary proceedings include suspension followed by issuing the employee with writing containing the allegations, date of hearing, possible outcomes and their rights during the hearing.

Application of the learning objectives

Human Resource Management

The multitasking aspect helps the human resource manager to deal with personal issues of the employees and at the same time engaging in business related matters such as strategy setting among others. The negotiation which allow the HR to form a middle for successful management. The communication enables the human resource managers to understand their employees efforts and skills and as such be in a good position to know who works best in particular areas. Problem solving helps in reducing conflict rates within the organization thus creating a friendly environment for work.

Corporate and human resource strategies

Intensive focus on activities that generate profits will help in maximizing the probability of increasing profit base. Capitalization on the new upcoming opportunities makes the organization be in an advantageous position as compared to its competitors thus earning more profit. Upgrading of workforce enables the organization to enjoy the working skill advantage over the other producing companies. Reducing of the businesss expenses can be done by employing workers on contract basis and inclusion of many casual workers.

Employment environment

The transparency and open communication in the workplace can be created by allowing the employees to give their suggestions about the companys performance without fear. This will help the HR managers be in a position to know areas where changes are required. Balancing of the work-life is done by allowing the employees to have an adequate amount of personal time away from working environment to help them fulfill their goals and needs. The recognition of hard working employees can be done by awarding them or increasing their allowances to enable them work hard.

Managing performance

Monitoring of the employees is done through encouraging members of staffs to self-monitor themselves since it saves time. The performance review is checked through meetings with every staff members and agreeing on improvement areas. In the performance appraisal, the human resource managers should set standards and deadlines for various activities undertaken.

Integrating new employees

The sponsor for the new employees helps in supervising the daily work done by the new staff and corrects them at every stage. The new employee mandate has to be designated in a manner that is very precise to avoid confusing the employees. The further interview conducted to the employees will give the superior personnel a humble time of discussing the employee progress in the integration process.

Managing absence and employee detention

The direct cost incurred by the organization due to employee absenteeism such payment of overtime for those covering for the absent employee can be avoided through proper management of the employees attendance. Time wastage, inconvenience, and reduced teamwork can be avoided by placing more reliable employees on sensitive areas of work to ensure such areas remain accounted.

Employee recruitment and selection

Submission of recruiting documents should be done in formal and transparent ways to give equal opportunities to all those who want to apply. The process of selection should be carried out by independent bodies comprised of people with good working records. This helps in the recruitment of more competent employees almost of the same qualities as the interviewing panel.

Discipline, Grievance, and Dismissal

The procedures for the disciplinary action, grievances and dismissal should be simple and clear so that every employee can be able to understand. The company should provide clear guidelines and inform every employee about their disciplinary rules including drugs, the dismissal and grievance procedure, and the person who handles appeals in case they are not happy with the board decision.

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