Paper Example on Ethics and Policy

Published: 2023-01-19
Paper Example on Ethics and Policy
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The right to abortion may legally be taken as an acceptable way to live. However, based on religious ethics and human dignity, the issue has a diverted trend towards which it should be grounded. First things first, the process of procreation involves both a man and a woman for the formation of the new life with a mother's womb to occur. However, biologically it may seem automatic to take place successively, there is always the spiritual involvement during the creation process. Thus, abortion should never be legalized as an ethical activity that any woman can decide to terminate the pregnancy at any point of development due to her reasons that are based on her way of life and moral and spiritual background (Maguire, 2016). However, there are only a few cases whereby the pregnancy can be terminated. These are life threatening issues and cultural and moral issues such as rape cases. Christianity embraces on purity. God himself is pure and so should be the followers. Abortion is, therefore, an act of impurity and is categorized as intentional killing since it involves the termination of the unborn. Life always begins at conception and so care. When people are entirely bounded on the acts of purity and moral uprightness, it will be an obligation to for one to refrain from being involved within dangerous and unethical acts of abortion. Not only does abortion cut across though spiritual immorality, but also within culturally unacceptable morals.

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God has an autonomous authority in that his instructive ways can never be questioned. Based on power, God instructs all the human creations to take care of each other and not to take responsibility to terminate one's life in whichever the kind. Since God's ways are pure and just, it goes with no question that all Christian founded believes and believers should listen to his voice and respect his authority. Not only do God's commandments on the way to led a moral life is based on the spiritual part alone, but even within the cultural and biological settings of human life. For it to be clear enough, it is quite evident that many people have lost their lives during the process of abortion while others completely tamper with their uterus and become barren. Therefore, despite being culturally unacceptable, abortion can also be the cause as to why many of the infertile women today have no children.

The authority that comes from within the divine power has no repercussions since it is through God that all things were created and He is the only one who has the more in-depth understanding and knowledge based on the way they are structured. Once all human beings abide by the divine laws, there shall be less or no evil at all since the ways of God are and unquestionable. Based on care or harm, it is credible enough to agree on the fact that one's life is depended on the actions and decisions they make. Some of the decisions may end up being destructing to one's own life and lack the ethical background of care hence leading to moral destructions. However, if all people would let their ways to be abided under the independent authority from God, it would be so easy to always accord care and avoid harm.

It, therefore, goes with no question that abortion is quite destructive to one's health, and the entire result is to jeopardize the life of both the mother and the conceived child. Thus, to avoid both physical and moral harm, and instead achieve proper care, one has to refrain from immoral activities right from indulging into extramarital sexual activities and remain faithful to both humankind and God. Similarly, God's Authority would lead to achieving better results, and the people involved would have both good morals and better ethical backgrounds within society.


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