Free Essay: Proposal for Solving My Workplace Problems

Published: 2023-04-18
Free Essay: Proposal for Solving My Workplace Problems
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I have experienced numerous problems in my workplace that have adversely affected productivity and resulted in a lot of losses. Most of the challenges faced by my business involve interpersonal issues, egos, workplace conflicts and personalities, waste of time by the employees by leaving early and reporting late to work, endless complaints from salespersons and middle-level managers, and taking off of unnecessary off-days which impairs the quality of service delivery during the days they are away from duties. Since I have assessed the consequential repercussions that may occur in my organization if I confront them due to their unethical codes of conduct in work, I prefer to stay silent and ignore their unethical behaviors.

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However, I have developed a proposal to cut this cycle of poor workplace relationships by endorsing the following strategic alignments to increase productivity in the workplace with a significantly reduced cost of production. The application of these strategies will see my company increase the profit margin and improvement in the quality of services offered to the clients. I will enhance the implementation of these approaches psychologically without insulting my employees' intelligence since I don't want to interfere with their egos and feelings of pride. Some of the strategies include the motivation of my employees, the adoption of effective communication systems, enhancing management change, especially by conducting internal transfers, effective social responsibility mechanisms, and the adoption of effective and efficient human resources management systems.

The Motivation of the Organizational Employees

Employee engagement in an organization is the absolute willingness of the company employees to prioritize the organization's duties and roles wants to do that work exceedingly well hence improving the quality of production. I would introduce overtime bonuses to entice them to work past the specified working time. It will promote high and quality products within the organization with a limited waste of time by employees. Motivations are essential items in enhancing this aspect in any organization since the employees will work with the set mind of meeting particular targets, which comes with rewards. There is much beneficial importance of this form of motivation as it reduces the number of sick days requested by the organization workforce hence enabling quick completion of the started company projects. It is also essential in the enhancement of better working relationships within the organization and even with the clientele, therefore, enhances productivity. My firm has a powerful motivational approach that enticed all the stakeholders towards the company's service. It boosted the employees' loyalty and enabled the company to amass vast assets, which helped it to grow despite stiff competition from its counterparts in the industry. The company's airline services had gained fame and popularity within the industry as a result of proper management of design and organizational changes.

Effective Internal Communications

Internal communications play a vital role in the enhancement of the flow of information from the management to employees, and vice versa in the resort and casino setting. Some of the very significant roles of internal communications in my company are that it enables all the stakeholders to be informed, it enhances holistic perceptions about the organization by employees, and it assists in the creation of a channel for feedback, debates, and discussion. In this case, internal communication fosters departmental functions like a warehouse where Mike is forgetful, but communication will keep him in touch. They are also tasked with the provision of services that serve the general operations of the organization. I will enhance effective communication between the company and the clientele, which enabled them to develop customer loyalty and hence boosted the company's profitability.

Internal communication ensures that the needs of employees are met. Employees are key stakeholders in my construction firm since they determine the success of the institution. Effective internal communication enabled the organization to have a flow of information from management to the employees, and the vice versa al worked effectively. Therefore, their welfare must be catered for, and internal communication makes sure that this happens. Through internal communication, employees will get payment as scheduled. Besides, internal communications ensure that the scheduling of employee shifts is done accordingly to see that they are not overburdened or overworked, given that resorts are quite busy places for employees.

The strategy will work effectively if the needs of the company get considered. The next step is evaluating the processes that will be used. Training programmers are held to brief those who will be working on the plan. Coming up with an evaluation plan in which management of the project will compare to know whether the progress is as expected. Implementation of the program is the next plan. With the bid of making real change, the project must get implemented. A gradual implementation of the project is essential. It enables employees to develop accustomed to the change gradually. The final step is measuring the success of the strategy. The objectives that were developed during the planning stage are compared against the current achievement. Constant evaluation is essential to ensure that the plan is as expected in each step. Both ethics and human resource functions work together according to research. Research also shows that the two groups have features that overlap and need to harmonize. The ethic team is as vital as the human resource, and hence the relationship needs to be improved for proper for smooth running.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The human resources department plays an important role when it comes to implementing cooperate social responsibility of business. All the department makes sure that my company develops a cooperate social responsibility programs (Liao & Teo, 2019). Besides, the human resource department has the responsibility of ensuring that the plans are executed. One of the social responsibilities that human resources can boost is to encourage their employees to decrease their fossil fuel consumption. Human resources can also collect donations from their employees and give it to the deserving recipients. Human resources can encourage efficient energy consumption to reduce wastage.

Effective Human Resource

The main task of human resources is to manage people for the benefit of the organization. The human resource department occasionally suggests the methods of recruiting people as resources of the business. In the case of my company, some managers like Mike, Judy, and Jenny need to practice their occupational ethics as required by the human resources standards towards fostering productivity and reducing organizational losses through strict adherence to the guiding principles. They are the types of employees who get accomplishments through pursuing self-interests, which exposes the company to various risks (Jabri, 2017). Human resources come up with criteria through which recognition and reward are performed. Human resource affects the planning of a business when it recommends further education. The cost of the specialized training that will be added advantage to competing for the power of the company.

Management Change

Human resources are an essential factor when it comes to managing change. One of its roles is redefining the role of employees and their responsibilities after the change has occurred. Since the relationship between Brigid and Mike has constantly resulted in poor service delivery, I will transfer mike to a different department and allocate him duties only during weekends where he is good at. Human resources also deal with resistance to change (Hosking & Anderson, 2018). Not every person welcomes changes. Therefore human resources must ensure that every employee understands the benefits of change, and hence they should embrace it. It is the role of human resources to ensure that changes are implemented gradually in a way that the staff can comprehend a little by little. The human resource provides support systems. Through the support systems, employees who do not understand the change can be taught privately. The competence of the employees gets increased as a result.


Through the proper application of such laid down strategies of boosting service delivery, my organization will see a transformed and effective workplace relationship that will increase productivity with a minimum cost of production. Initially, my organization had crucial several performance indicators that indicate business performance since some of the middle-level managers like Mike, who like working over weekends, were allocated duties at their convenient periods. Performance can be measured in both financial and non-financial measures. Key performance indicators are based on a set of standards that a company can use to gauge its performance between given periods. Although financial steps are essential, most companies have also embraced the use of non-financial indicators to track their performance over a range of time.


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