Paper Example. People and the Process of Change

Published: 2023-03-26
Paper Example. People and the Process of Change
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Question One: as a nurse leader, what are your past experiences on bringing change to the organization and implementing the change?

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Professional leaders that manage human resource need to have background knowledge and experience of handling people and challenges that come with implementing change (Raekallio, 2017). The experience can help the nurse leaders to know how to handle challenges and employees that resist change. The past experiences will make the nurse leader know what to expect when beginning to implement change.

Question Two: How will the nurses and other employees be affected by organizational change?

Organizational change influences the employees either positively or negatively; therefore, the nurse leaders need to influence and manage the organizational change towards influencing the nurses positively (Raekallio, 2017). How the change process is handled determines the results of the process. The nurses need to be committed to embracing the change and focusing on the goal of the organization and health facilities that they work for. The nurse leaders need to ensure that the nurses are committed to change for it to be successful.

Question Three: How do you measure the effectiveness of an organizational change that you have implanted?

Nurse leaders need to know the result of the organizational change that they bring to their organizations (Raekallio, 2017). There are different tools that the nurse leaders can use to measure the effectiveness of the change, which include the output of the employees. When the output increases, then the change was successful. The attitude of the employees also indicates whether the changes influenced the nurses positively or not. The effectiveness of the organizational change is also measured by evaluating whether the change brought the difference that was required by the health facilities.

Question Four: What is the role of a nursing leader in managing change?

Change is inevitable, and a nurse leader plays a very significant role in managing people and change. The nurse leader should provide a guide to how change can be implemented and for this to be realized the leader should have a clear strategy of how to manage the process of change (Smith, 2019). Since change occurs in the healthcare services to improve the quality of services, this question is very critical to nurse leaders.

Question Five: What are the strategies that you can use as a nurse leader to handle change?

A nurse leader cannot allege that he/she can handle change unless they have a clear plan on how they can do it. This is a critical question to ask the nurse leader to get insights on how change can be managed. The leader can effectively manage change if they have a well laid out plan which shows each step in the process (Smith, 2019). By asking the nurse leader this question, the nurse interviewer can evaluate the leadership skills of the leader. Some of the leaders plan for change when the need arises while others have a framework that is laid out in advance.

Question Six: What are the key skills that you believe are essential to manage people and change effectively?

Leaders are special as they possess some skills that are essential in conducting critical activities in the organization. One of the skills that are critical in managing change is exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. As a leader, you should communicate the changes to the employees (Smith, 2019). Other skills relevant in nurse leadership include being visionary, analyzing and planning of strategies, be a problem solver and have skills in digital devices.


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