Free Essay Example on Social Contract in Today's World

Published: 2022-06-03
Free Essay Example on Social Contract in Today's World
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Social contract is an understanding among individuals in the society or other perspectives to collaborate and associate for social benefits. It entails both the political and moral philosophy which assists in interpreting the social contract as a model or theory. The social contract theory or model originated during the Enlightenment Age and presents the view that individuals' obligations rely upon an agreement or a contract between themselves to ensure proper form in the society. In other terms, the exercises within social contract form a modern view on equating the social benefits to the political and moral lives of every individual (Skyrms, 2014). In today's world, the social contract is playing a significant role and proving helpful to the people and the society as a whole through different ways.

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First, social contracts are significant in maintaining equality especially in the current society. The Government may be responsible for preserving uniformity on ownership and accumulation of property such as natural resources. However, in today's world, individuals are competing for available resources which in one way or the other might cause conflict thus creating the relevance of social contract in ensuring equality (James, 2012). Problems of balance may arise due to the need for equity of human needs, equality for power, and scarcity of resources which with the use of social contract theory, the chances are there will be agreements on how to share equally thus playing a role in today's world.

Moreover, freedom is among critical aspects in the current world. With actualization of social contract among individuals within the culture, it majors on morality among individuals. People need to exercise their freedom as well as feel treated fairly by those in power ensuring their interests are met. Social contracts create a platform and interaction where individuals have a set of rules governing them to any extents or limits of specific activities among other implementation that hinder people from activities breaking the proper communication. Therefore, with the uses and application of social contracts, they play a significant role in today's world.

On the other hand, in today's world, relations and justice are essential and need significant promotions. Under the concepts of social contract, justice and associations are necessary for progress among individuals and also states. Since the principles of justice are fundamental in binding individuals from a community or different states, maintain adherence to the requirements is also essential. Also, relation help in ensuring that the distinct parties can communicate and develop a proper form of relation to keeping communities healthy (James, 2012). As a result, it is the role of social contract since it maintains that the individuals benefit from each other socially. Within the role of social contract in promoting relation and justice, it services as a bond between different parties and oversees issues that may arise. The issue pertaining individual interests is an occurrence that is affecting interaction in today's world. For example, people are involving in unethical activities seeking power and money which are influencing others in numerous ways. However, with the adherence to the events within social contract people can agree on individual interests maintaining that everyone benefits.

To sum everything up, it is important to understand social contract in different perspectives. Social agreements help in creating a moral obligation in our societies. Additionally, it is evident that social contract enables people to live in harmony with one another and as a community as a whole. Thus, recognizing its roles is also beneficial in the long run.


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