Free Sample of Annotated Bibliography on Ethics, Privacy, Technology and Whistleblowers

Published: 2022-10-12
Free Sample of Annotated Bibliography on Ethics, Privacy, Technology and Whistleblowers
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Artificial intelligence in the recent past has been gradually transformed people's life form the worst to the best. This is through the endless functions from optimizing logistics to even detecting fraud, and conducting various researches. As technological systems become more advanced hence life will be more efficient and therefore productive. Tech giants such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and also Microsoft have been arguing the need to embrace artificial intelligence and, in most ways, it can be considered a new frontier for the risk assessment and ethics that come along with modern technology. Emerge of artificial intelligence being much attention regarding privacy and other ethical matters. It's important to address these radical social issues to make sure that technology has an overall positive impact that negative once. But what matter and conversations keep the artificial intelligence experts awake all night? And what is the future of AI?

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Schneier, Bruce. Data and Goliath: The hidden battles to collect your data and control your world. WW Norton & Company, 2015.

"Data and Goliath" by Bruce Schneider argue that our mobile phones and also computers have always been rating us and they have also been used to broadcast us and our interest. The book brings up the concept of surveillance is happening because people love cheap digital facilities that have high chances of surveillance. The book claims these devices are never designed to build with privacy in consideration but these devices are used to spew any personal data example carbon monoxide. According to the author, there is zero privacy. The author learned that the united states are using electronic intelligence and a good example is that the NSA tracked any cellphone locations and even data traffic all over the world and there it was a special consideration to those who switch their phones off. According to the article google and also Verizon collect more information than even the FBI but lo the author reminds us that even the law enforcement has formed alliances with a corporate group. If cooperate like google compromise our privacy the stakes of the book that they intern give us free mailing systems. The books give all the evidence of people personal data being surveyed and the impact it has on the future and the technology. The book also argues that there a great need for a privacy law that can set all the standards of personal data that any business has to correct. The author also argues that even the companies should also let people their files and let them be deleted.

Lohmann, Dan. "Privacy, Ethics, and Regulation in Our New World of Artificial Intelligence." N.p., 2018. Web. 15 Apr. 2018.

According to the article on "Privacy, Ethics and Regulation in Our New World of Artificial Intelligence" by Dan Lohmann. The article brings the question of ethical implication can that comes with modern technology. There is the aspect of transformation of the artificial intelligence and machines learning has been elaborated in the article. the article by dan Lohmann also shows some headline that has been made by the changing technology and an example of these headline was Forbes article about how Google uses AI an also use of satellite data to try to prevent any illegal fishing. There also the use thermostat machine which was used to analyze the how various household devices are used in order as a way to evaluate and predict how the owner could want their house to be heated. The article also evaluates Facebook use of AI as their plan. The ethics issues of artificial intelligence have also been brought out according to the world economic forum. The issue the article brings out are issues of like what could happen when machines do all job and how will the resource produced from these machines be distributed. The unclear fact is that laws that govern new privacy policies, ethical guidelines, or even practices work. There is a global debate on this topic. Some people think that Facebook will continue to do the same thing as others have said, admitting the mistake and saying "I'm sorry." It is not a hacker who ignores the law, ignores the rules, steals data, or uses this technology for malicious purposes. The explosion of current data breaches and ransomware should warn everyone that believing in the future of technology is foolish. Bad actors use the same technology.

Mayer-Schonberger, Viktor. "Big data for cardiology: novel discovery?" European heart journal 37.12 (2015): 996-1001.

"Big data" by Kenneth Cukier and Mayer-Schonberger (2013). The book is about the great spark ideas that have evolved the measuring of the data points in every kind of way and also make use of the internet thing concept. According to the author in a universe where everything Is becoming data filed and hence the author implies that there is great need of measurable opportunity that can arise in the building services and also ensuring that the user experience that can be more accurate and also valuable to the users. The books offer a mindset for those who are into digital communication. The book also offers things that seem to be variable as it gives the theoretical framework on how one can build an extensively solid base for the advertising campaigns. The book also states that when you brainstorm an idea that has measuring of the physical data points and the brainstorm I have brainstormed freely. Form the book helps one simple way to create a process of hybrid advertising like the user has their way for writing copy. This book can help one to not only create a more accurate campaign but the book can be beneficial to the useful services and also the user experience. I'm very sure the book "big data" can only be used by the people who want to create advertising but the book also can create a better thing for human beings.

Bellaby, Ross W. "The Ethics of Whistleblowing: Creating A New Limit on Intelligence Activity." Journal of International Political Theory 14.1 (2017): 60-84. Web. 8 Aug. 2018.

"The ethics of whistleblowing: Creating a new limit on intelligence activity" is an article highlighting some of most significant challenges that the modern society is facing in the aspect of learning how to monitor every person intelligence society while trying to maintain the perfect level of secrets. Even though sometimes secrecy is allowed an excess of it bring about abuse of people. one of the principal encounters fronting modern society is to screen your information public whereas keeping the level of privacy required. In addition, one of the greatest significant security inquiries fronting modern society is in what way abundant power must be permissible into the information society and in what way it is used correctly. The article tries to argue that the modern form of oversight using a specified moral whistleblowing framework. the article also investigates the Snowden case and determines whether it is appropriate to disclose the information and whether the means are appropriate

Bostrom, Nick. "Future of Humanity Institute." The Future of Humanity Institute. N.p., 2018. Web. 4 Apr. 2014.

According to (Bostrom, 2014) in the excerpt likely to pose the possibility of creating an ethical problem-solving system is narrated in." The Future of Humanity Institute." The argument of the AI question confirms that the machine does not harm the human body and other organisms related to the moral and ethical conditions of the machine. The first part discusses potential problems in the near future. This section discusses the challenges of AI that businesses are interfering with. The third section explains how AI evaluates ethical conditions and situations. In the fourth part, we think that humans can be distinguished from human beings in the basic terms of ethical evaluation. In the end, we will discuss the issue of artificial intelligence more intelligently than humans and use advanced information to better harass. Imagine that machine learning ethics and AI algorithms in other areas will use a learning algorithm to introduce a mortgage approval program for the bank in the near future. If a bankruptcy case is denied, the process of calling for discrimination against mortgage applicants. The banker replied that this was not possible because the algorithm did not attract the attention of candidates. This, of course, is part of the reason banks use the system. However, statistics show that the bank's approval rate for black candidates is steadily declining, sending real candidates is equally acceptable. Shows that the algorithm accepts candidates and black sponsors. What can happen? If the learning algorithm depends on neural networks or genetic algorithms derived from evolution, the algorithm may not understand the cause or the method of judging the candidate. According to their competition? On the other hand, Bayesian learners who learn by tree or decision-making are more transparent in Programmer. This will allow researchers to find out what artificial intelligence algorithms use. Address of partitioned candidates

Moore, Roger. "AI Ethics: Artificial Intelligence, Robots, And Society." N.p., 2018. Web. 10 June 2018.

Some ethical issues as presented by (Moore) the article "AI Ethics: Artificial Intelligence, Robots, And Society." State of the machine similar to other issues associated with machine design. Robot Sleeve Design there is nothing more interesting than designing a fire-resistant sofa to avoid human cutting. As described by the article, new programming challenges are available, no new ethical challenges. However, the AI algorithm replaces the social needs when artificial intelligence algorithms work on cognitive tasks, with the social workings previously performed by human beings. Of course, the article view may be disappointing if any bank in the world finds that you do not approve your loan application. It sounds good, no one knows why and in principle no one can find it. Transparency is not a specific feature of AI. It is also important that AI employs the social functions that parents can predict. According to the source, to understand the importance of these predictions, consider the comparison. The legal basis for judging a judge is to bind the judge to follow the precedent if possible. For older installers, because of better technology, they may not be able to tie in the future. However, one of the most important functions of the legal system is predictable, so you can write a contract about how to proceed. The functioning of the legal system does not necessarily increase the efficiency of society. But we need to create a predictable environment where people can live more effectively.

Tegmark, Max. "Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence - Future Of Life Institute." Future of Life Institute. N.p., 2018. Web. 10 June 2016.

According to the source, "Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence - Future Of Life Institute." Ethical debate about artificial intelligence has been raised since the beginning of artificial intelligence research. (Tegmark, 2016) Instead of focusing on real-life cases, most focus on the theoretical work on the possibilities and future implications of AI. In recent years has been a significant change in the debate. AI's latest innovations in AI development have a real impact on our lives. Low-cost and innovative processing such as Big Data technology improves the performance of complex AI solutions. [9] An important step in the development of AI can be seen in 2012 when a large-scale learning experiment. Google simulates the brain using 16,000 CPU cores and in-depth learning. This test updates the latest technology using standard image classification tests. This year marks the beginning of a debate on intellectual property rights in the context of this study.

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