Statistics Essay Example: A Case of Hilton Hotel Workforce Flexibility

Published: 2017-08-24
Statistics Essay Example: A Case of Hilton Hotel Workforce Flexibility
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Problem 1

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Research Topic A Case of Hilton Hotel workforce flexibility

Population and Population Sample

The populations targeted are the staff from, finance, procurement, supply chain and human resource in the security departments. The sample population with compost of 200 workers withdrawn from all the departments mentioned in targeted populations. 50 workers will be selected from all the departments mentioned and their workforce. The selected small will be sufficient for data collection on workforce flexibility in Hilton hotel.

Procedure for the Research

Steps in research procedure

1. Selecting the Research Topic

Selecting the topic will depend on the researcher interested, the main researcher concern is to investigate pieces of a puzzle and come up with a solution to the puzzle. A topic such as workforce flexibility can be management initiative or researcher's initiative.

2. Literature Review

For the topic workforce flexibility, there are wide ranges of existing literature in human resource concerning workforce. The literature will be reviewed to relate the existing work on the topic with the research topic. The theory will provide a foundation for the topic under study and build a skeleton for other steps to fit in.

3. Statement of Purpose/Research Question/Research Hypothesis

This part highlight how the variables relate is their predictability true or false. Hypothesis statement is an indicator to what to be expected after the research process is over.

4. Methodology and Research Design

This part of the research has several approaches that can be used to design how the experiment will be carried out. For a human resource topic, interviews or questionnaires can be used as the main research design. Experimental design is the blueprints for data collection.

5. Data Collection

In data collection, the experimental design is brought to life. The in-person interview can be sued to determine the worker's flexibility in Hilton. Questionnaires are much easier though some employees will not be willing to give out information. Data collection is a very important segment of research procedure.

6. Data Analysis and Interpretation

The data collected approved or disapproved are synthesized and integrated into the research; it is the most tedious exercise in research work since accuracy and precision in this area is core to the success of the research.

7. Research Results

This stage will entirely depend on the purpose of the research; the data analyzed must be presented with a lot of clarity. Replication of the result is vital so as to remove the extraneous factor.

8. Conclusion

This is the last of the research that gives the outcome of the research it largely depends on data analysis and interpretation. In the conclusion, the hypothesis statement is either approved or disapproved. It takes seven steps to make a conclusion for a research topic as highlighted in the paper.

Problem 2

Statistics are the sets of mathematical equation applied in analyzing what is taking place in the world that is around us. In the current world today, we are living in an environment viewed to be information age where we get to understand a great deal about the world around us. Most of the information we are currently using were derived mathematically, by the use of statistics. When statics is applied effectively, trends on what took place in the past can be beneficial in providing a prediction on what may occur in the future and also a broader description of what happened in the past.

Since statistics involves the study of numerical information which is also known as data, in our daily life, most individuals have been using statistics as an instrument that makes us understand information. Technically, being able to comprehend statistics makes an individual to experience quick reactions to statistical claims. Critically in our daily operation, statistical data have been applied in the mathematics, business, economics, banking, accounting, government, astronomy and the social and natural sciences.

In the corporate sector, statistics has been applied when it comes to checking the product quality, finding customer preferences, estimate cost, finding customer preferences and in the decision-making process. In economics, the economist applies statistics in getting the relationship that is existing between demand-supply, the relationship that exists between import and exports, the per capita income, the inflation rate, and the national income rate.

Additionally, accountants can apply statistics in to provide a survey of how well a company is performing, making a discovery of the current trends and making about the next financial year performance. Notable, banker applies statistics in estimating the number of individuals that are depositing cash versus the population of people making the deposit. Ideally, the government employs statistics locally and federally when it comes to making budgets discovering the cost of living and setting the minimum wage.

Astronomers and weather forecast applies the use of statistical data through computer models which are developed using statistics that can provide a comparison between prior weather conditions with the current weather condition to provide a prediction of the future weather performance. On the other hand, astronomers can use statistics to provide the distance the timing of interstellar events and the objects in the space. Lastly, in medical studies, scientist must express their findings statically, in providing the valid rate of effectiveness before prescribing any drug, with every medical study focusing on statistics.

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