Free Essay Example about Globalizing Governance and Non-Profit Program

Published: 2022-04-19
Free Essay Example about Globalizing Governance and Non-Profit Program
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ActionAid is one of the organizations that played a significant role in helping the community regarding the basic needs including education. It implemented several strategies that boosted the performance and effectiveness of the organization both nationally and globally (Ebrahim & Gordon, 2011). Ramesh Singh, being the CEO of ActionAid, said that the newly implemented structure would give the organization a more legitimate and stronger voice. In other words, the organization will be rooted in all the nations with the aim of helping the poor. However, accountability was one of the strategies that were deliberated when implementing the new governance in the organization. The ActionAid's new governance structure was effective since all the strategies were planned accordingly. Globalizing governance became a key factor for ActionAid since it made the organization recognizable internationally. Therefore, the structure was effective based on the performance and accountability of an NGO organization. Despite the challenges of the new governance and accountability that included the allocation of money and design of the reporting systems, the structure effectively boosted the organization, bringing in new systems. Therefore, the structure was right for the organization, and this was the strategy that implicated the ActionAid positively.

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Notwithstanding the effectiveness and the accountability of the new governance at ActionAid, several strengths and weaknesses were seen. One of the strengths of the structure was that it created a room for expansion and implementation of the new systems. Initially, the organization mostly operated nationally. Soon after the implementation of the new governance structure, the organization started to be rooted globally, and it started getting new partners and stakeholders. This enhanced the performance and effectiveness of the organization. Another strength was that it became easier for the organization to deliver basic services to the poor people in diverse countries (Guijt, 2004). This is because of the alignment of accountability and ability to handle all the operations systematically. On the other hand, some of the weaknesses led down the functionality of the structure. One of the weaknesses was lack of proper allocation of money. This was a central and the messiest problem of governance since the organization was in the dilemma whether to spend the money in North or the South. Since the organization was NGO, the proper allocation of money and resources was not clearly addressed. Another weakness was the design of measuring performance. The reporting systems in an organization were required to provide the downward accountability to the poor. However, this issue remained unsolved and became one of the problems. The organization could need a system that can provide relevant and streamlined results for all the operations.

Several forms can be used to redesign the governance structure for the organization to fulfill the basic needs of the poor communities and also balance the power between the southern and the northern units (Bardhan, 2006). One of the ways that can be used is to incorporate the proper systems in the governance structure. For the effective governance structure, the organization should have the kind of systems that can collect the relevant results for the communities. This will help in minimizing the errors and issues that come up during the distribution of basic needs. Another way that can be done to redesign the governance structure is to come up with the resource allocation framework that will ensure that all the resources are distributed equally to both the northern and the southern units. Without the resource allocation framework, the distribution of finance could not be balanced. Therefore, to ensure the best design of the governance structure, the organization should have the resource allocation framework.


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