Free Literary Essay: Death as Reflection of Life in The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Published: 2022-03-01
Free Literary Essay: Death as Reflection of Life in The Death of Ivan Ilyich
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Demise is an inescapable end of physical life on earth. Despite the fact that passing on is a certain event to any living creature, the purpose of life is a subject that matters just before individuals acknowledge that demise is their inescapable destiny. As to Tolstoy's suspicions of the reality of life, the unequivocal inquiries that Ivan askes in Tolstoy's magnum opus offers us a guide to understanding the truth, certainty, and method for tolerating life and passing in various measurements. Concerning Tolstoy's (2005, p. 112) philosophical inquiry " what is the real thing," an exhaustive investigation of the certain suppositions with Ivan's life. Thus, it offers an encouragement to seek the truth of life and how to bear on an existence that gifts us a productive goodbye after death. Asking the philosophical question about the actual or real thing connected to life and death will make us carry on a life that has a purpose and in a different dimension. This exposition is a reflection on Ivan's life and downfall as indicated by Tolstoy's novel and a request of the truth of life when an individual utilizes some philosophical inquiries that shape their decisions about what is good and bad.

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The way Ivan discovers peace throughout everyday life and passing on demonstrates that everything relies upon the sort of life that a man chooses to bear on that guides their end to be named as a sensibly decent accomplishment. Since Ivan discovers peace throughout everyday life and passing, it is demonstrated that amid his life, he ensures that he tries however much as could reasonably be expected to buckle down as a method for keeping away from the ailments that life offers (Tolstoy, 2005). However, after finding out that no matter what an individual does, either fetching a paying job or whatever they consider is their source of happiness, death will also be a way to achieve relief from constraints just the way a fulfilling life leads to happiness. Therefore, regarding the kind of life that Ivan lives, it is outlined that no matter how much life seems to be good, some aspects will suppress people and make them consider death as redemption to their suffering.

According to Ivan, his life was not "the real thing" since faced desperation, carried on unsatisfactory life, and he utterly outlines that he did not live a life according to the way he wanted. According to Tolstoy (2005, p. 108), Ivan affirms that his entire life was the opposite of what he expected from the rhetoric question, "what if my entire life, my conscious, simply was not the real thing?" For that matter, Ivan was faced with the reality of life when he met his fate face-to-face. After realizing that he had wasted his life, Ivan sees no option to let his ending life do as it wishes to him. For that matter, he welcomes his death after realizing that he was ill and was an inch away from the overwhelming death.

Concerning sort of life that Ivan had conveyed, an ordeal of not acting naturally, an existence of affectation and being false to his kin, he demonstrates that it is beneficial for one to carry on with their life not until the point when they understand that their destiny is close to alter to the correct course. As per Ivan's announcement that the time had come to carry on with his genuine by enabling death to "take that guy" (untrue him) away, he shows that end is sometimes a breakthrough of one's problems and a gateway of letting people gather knowledge about the real you.

The mistakes that people do in trying to cope up with lifestyles that they do not fit in makes a problem to their self. According to Ivan's decisions of getting married to Praskovya who was from the family of the type that his father wanted is one of the mistakes that he did which brought about dissatisfaction and discomfort in his life (Brungardt, 2009). Moreover, Ivan tried to cope up and carry on a lifestyle that was far from the one he was capable of thus he adopted a lifestyle that he finds that it is not as good as he thought it was. For that matter, Tolstoy's (2005, p. 48) question from Ivan that "why shouldn't I get married" is a rhetoric question that asserts that a good life that depicts a happy ending is the one that one lives not to impress but to fulfill the true self.

In conclusion, Ivan's death is a symbolic end to the fake life that he had carried on after realizing that he had lived a life that was not real. Therefore, death is flowered according to Ivan since it seems to a perfect ending for one's unreal nature thus he takes his ending life to be a beautiful end to his mistakes. Therefore, one enjoys life when everything seems appealing and straightforward. However, when life turns out to be horrible the way Ivan's life transformed and became awful and inhuman for him, then death becomes a better option or a way to feel relieved the heavy burden.


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