Free Essay Sample: Sex Trafficking Needs Assessment

Published: 2022-09-12
Free Essay Sample: Sex Trafficking Needs Assessment
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Following the unlawful drug trafficking, sex trafficking is the rapidly growing illegal industry. Commonly, human trafficking is the "modern-day slavery". It is the illegal practice in exchanging human beings for exploitation or involuntarylabour at a cost. By exploitation meaning the use of others for prostitution, removal of organs, slavery, forced labour, and other types of sexual abuse. Young children and women living an impoverished life are the ones who have a higher likelihood of getting into the traffickers' hands. Sex trafficking is an evil practice executed on humankind especially ladies. This term is no longer that of the past decades, but a dreadfulfact in thepresent-day and, lamentably, the years to come (Dennis, 2008). Although we are citizens of a free nation, this tradewithdrawsindividuals of their rights and liberty. It has an impact on the victims and also challenges the security andwellbeing of all the countries that it gets in contact. Sex trafficking is an intense worldwide issue,and because of thesignificantincome made by traffickers, the market is developing and ceasing this unlawful movement appears to be relatively intolerable.

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Causes of Sex Trafficking

The affluence in the sex trade has created paths for structured criminal systems, with the sole motivation of recruiting young girls and women (Raymond et al., 2010). In most third countries, political corruption, poverty, and the insensitiveness of the government to the desires of the general population have pushed individuals to look for greener pasture, over which children and women face the pressure of giving in into sex trafficking. It is very apparent that poverty is the primary driver of human trafficking. Reports guarantee that with an impoverished life, comes an absence of education/knowledge which thus prompts a lack of business prospects, that eventually results in sex/human trafficking.

Several victims of human trafficking are deceived into the craft by false promises made about employment prospects. This business attracts several women in developing states with false marriage propositions as others are coerced either indirectly with psychological blackmail or directly with violence into the trade. Their passports are confiscated immediately they reach their destination, and with no shelter, no money, and no social support, they turn out falling in the sex traffickers' hands (Dennis, 2008). Through the fight against poverty, there may be a likelihood of ending this illegal business. Women and vulnerable children living in poverty-stricken countries will not be looking into sex driven trades to earn a livelihood.

Significant Factors of Sex Trafficking

Exchanging ladies and youngsters for sexual misuse has turned into an exceptionally engaging business sector for traffickers for the most part on account of the high income the business holds. The sex trafficking industry makes an expected $32 billion in revenue every year (Kara, 2009). It is the third biggest wellspring of benefit for worldwide illegal activities, after drugs and arms smuggling. Sex trafficking and subjugation are shrouded wrongdoings, and learning about the subject is fragmentary.

In third world countries, due to the high poverty levels, this business is now the only way of putting food on the table and being breadwinners for certain individuals (Lucchi, 2009). Sex smugglers are generating several million dollars by taking advantage of desperate women and defenseless children. This phenomenon of sex trafficking is habitually similar globally; innocent girls and young women end up suffering in the hands of the perpetrators who are in most times men (Moore, 2015).The modern-day slavery is flourishing as a result of its productive and noticeable outcomes. The United Nations in its statement assessed that contemporary enslavement produces about eight to ten billion dollars yearly. This business falls third in the most effective business ranks regarding profit following drug trafficking and arms dealership (Kara, 2009). Additionally, the smuggling of humans across nations is often more comfortable,unlike arms and drugs which are usually seized when found.

Demographics of the Affected Population

Due to poverty, women do not go through schools, hence do not fit in the employment sector living them with no alternative but to give their selves away through the illegal trade for their families to sustenance. Nearly 600,000 to 800,000 children and women are victims of human trafficking globally annually, and this is without counting those trafficked within their nations(Gajic-Velianoski& Stewart, 2007). Children victims face exploitations for commercial sex such as sex tourism, pornography, and prostitution. It might appear to be unimaginable that there is twice the number of individuals oppressed today than were subjugated in the African slavery which lasted for hundreds of years. However, there is evidence as global statistics project that twenty-seven million individuals are victims of subjugation(Gajic-Velianoski& Stewart, 2007). Governments globally are still trying to understand this issue better in an attempt to find a solution.

How the Population is Affected

It is of significance to comprehend that the craft of trafficking, and also the violation of human rights most of the time, have profound impacts on the victim's side. The women victims experience the ill effects of physical and mental issues (Gajic-Velianoski& Stewart, 2007). The casualties frequently experience adverse physical maltreatment and also physical fatigue. In certain occasions, they suffer from starvation during long journeys and even when they are in their destinations (Moore, 2015). The distinctive injuries which these people experience include concussions, burns, bruises, broken bones, and other injuries that result from the assault. It is of significance to comprehend that some of these wounds frequently occur in adverse medical issues, and they may require continuous treatment (Lucchi, 2009).The sexual abuse is an atrocious catastrophe that comes with physical and emotional consequences on the victim. In the wake of encountering sexual abuse, young girls and women frequently endure a wide range of various mental and physical reactions. The most widely recognized incorporate extreme stress and deception. The victims additionally have physical distortions due to the widespread sexual abuse (Moore, 2015). They are incredibly vulnerable to a reproductive and sexual health issue; these incorporate sexually transmitted diseases and additionally other gynecological illnesses. Much of the time, victims of the sex trade are not permitted to use protective measures through birth control plans.

Moreover, they are not privileged to go through gynaecological checkups. Consequently, these ladies are at a higher risk of unwanted pregnancies and having miscarriages (Lucchi, 2009). Therefore, this presents the reason on why the numerous victims of sexual exploitation exhibit higher rates of sterility and abortion.The plague of HIV/AIDS is widespread with ladies that faced sexual exploitations; approximately seventy per cent of the victims involved in sexual exploitation have HIV (Lucchi, 2009). Hence, this demonstrates that the HIV-AIDS threat is the most significant health barrier with regards to solving medical problems with various sex trafficking victims. It is critical for police officers and migration officers to comprehend the phenomenon concerning human smuggling for sexual abuse (Kempadoo et al., 2015). Most of the time, it is probably not instantly apparent that these children and women need an alternate sort of care and aid; nonetheless, gradually the healthcare experts ought to comprehend that the requirements of the fatalities of sex trafficking are varied.

Sex trafficking stands out amongst the most widely recognized types of the trafficking scourge. Mostly, it is normal in districts with the highest growth in the population including, the Arab world, Africa, Indian subcontinent, and southeast Asia. Nevertheless,the constraints are not to developing nations. Structured crime continues to rise with the progression of the sex trade business around the world. Without the survival assets, desperate children and women continue to fall prey to incentives and false promises of securing jobs while others are given away by their families in exchange of money that will sustain them. Young children of age eight to nine can be found in brothels globally, including the ones in the US. There is an incredible connectionbetween sex trafficking and prostitution, and several reported prostitution instances are sex trafficking cases in the United States.


A few gaps are existing in research concerning sex trafficking. Beinga political and socio-economic premise,which is unpredictable and has links to the conventionalprocess,it is not merelyan issue of social unruliness or morals. Hence it is essential to comprehend that we cannotcasually deal with this issueyet it is a growing concern which needs an integral, layered, and balanced methodology based on a crucial robust structure,with the aim of ending the menace. In any case, this scourge has not beenunderstood efficiently, and its commercial premise presently cannot seem to have enough scrutiny. Research has demonstrated that due to an absence of the repartition project, the ousted traded people are frequently inmore danger of being trafficked again and this worsens the condition (Kara, 2009). Hence, governments ought to generate a reintegration planwhich will endeavour to encourage the rehabilitation of sex trafficking victims and their families as well through income generating activities, skill acquisition, and education. With the existence of such a program, there will be a reduction in the incidence of re-trafficking and might place targets for the victims as well not to fall into poverty further.

Human trafficking therefore is the business exchange of people who are subjected to spontaneous practices like begging, sexual exploitation, and involuntary slavery.This business is a multi-faceted danger. It denies people of their privilege of autonomy since it does not practice any compassion. The exploited individuals wind up being demoralized and devastated. Those who survive through physical maltreatment and assault can no longer live healthy lives. The vulnerable individuals, especially desperate women and children continue living in fear of mental deprivation. The effect of human trafficking is scary; and even thoughits impact is experienced by the victims, it also affects the nation as a whole as well. The advantages of being citizens of a particular country, as well as the security and safety are all compromised. Human trafficking is inevitably associated with poverty. Wherever financial hardship and privation prevail, there will be those individuals who are desperate and destitute enough to get into fraudulent employment schemes.


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