Reflection Essay Sample on Competencies Development: Collaboration, Communication, and Professionalism

Published: 2023-01-18
Reflection Essay Sample on Competencies Development: Collaboration, Communication, and Professionalism
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A professional and individual development plan is vital in notifying and planning one's competence skills that assist in the attainment of most necessary expertise. Professional and personal goal reflection helps in operational career goal planning and setting to upsurge my attractiveness in the current job market. I plan to attain higher education by completing my degree to heighten my prerequisite. Nonetheless, in the current job market, one ought to be more competitive by adding some skills in educational achievement. This reflection focuses on employability skills such as marketability, profusions, qualities, and competencies. To be more proficient than my peers, I make sure that throughout the internship program I practice the knowledge gathered in school, evidence-based practices to resolve problems, and incorporate the acquaintance gained to improve my performance in the organization. Therefore, my acquisition of competencies, career development skills and management, management of knowledge, problem-solving techniques, communication, and creativity are the most essential capabilities developed during the internship program.

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Working closely with the most experienced and highly qualified professionals as my coaches and mentors in matters associated with communication, leadership, solidarity, passion, motivation, flexibility, and problem-solving. Developing research skills is crucial to make sure that I explore and integrate the most relevant and actual evidence for solving problems and guiding me in making decisions. Professional development plan helps me in lifetime advancement, improvement of personal skills and competencies, finding the operational frameworks for assimilation, and knowledge administration practices. More so, understanding the critical role that integrates theoretical models with realistic facts in instituting effective direction for the organization helps me to deliver an energetic revolution in changing the business setting (Allen, 2012). Additional training and learning increases and widens my understanding and abilities to withstand the challenging business setting by influencing my conduct in different situations.


Communication is of the most essential competence in every professional development. I have engaged in measures to improve my communication proficiency. Another than highlighting in my curriculum vitae, I have been able to demonstrate my communication skills which are generally accompanied by other skills (Schweitzer & King 2009). For example, I have been able to incorporate appropriate negotiation skills during interviews with conflict resolution skills. In order to acquire the necessary skills, I ensure that I actively engage in group discussions where individuals with various capabilities share knowledge through negotiations and discussions. Moreover, engaging in group discussions have improved my confidence in public speaking which is a crucial quality for an effective member of the society who has a goal of making a change in the community.

Every student s required to present their competencies to their employer effectively. However, listing all the skills on a cover letter, the CV, or in an interview is not fully convincing. Employers are used to students reciting skills on their documents which might amount to nothing more than platitudes if not accompanied by various proofs (Schweitzer & King 2009). The most common mistakes in communication that is made by students are using 'I'. I learned that the most appropriate way to express oneself is defining the skill acquired, instead of saying openly what one is capable. For instance, one can say "during my time working for Trader's Internationa, I developed robust communication skills when negotiating deals with clients." This is more effective than saying "I have good communication skills" since it provides evidence for the skill. Therefore, I have learned that students should record proofs of their competencies while developing the skill which provides them with a collection of examples to refer to when applying for jobs.

An Acquaintance of Idea Generation Techniques and Creativity

Creativity is beheld in terms of the uniqueness of an idea. More so, creativity exists in different aspects and everyone has a varied level of creativity. Its translation into practice is mainly the task. This indicates idea generation and development of creative skills is essential. There are six primary factors that impact creativity, they include thinking style, intelligence, knowledge, skill, and experience. The identification and resolution of the entrepreneur's unsatisfied needs and unresolved problems can only be properly understood through the intellectual manner of an individual. Institutional theory is an approach that is used to explain new speculation design (Platzek et al. 2010). This theory explains that entrepreneurs are swayed by the cultural and social contexts within their operation area and are more dedicated to offering to mean to these contrasts through creating a new venture. Creation of a venture involves three main stages, exploration, planning, and launching. The model is similar to the one developed by Shane in 2003 that stated that comprised of opportunity identification, assessment, and exploitation.

Intellectual factors are brought to morality and are used to cultivate an idea and substantiate the thinking behind the creation of a new venture (Allen 2012). This helps to design the fundamental nature of the venture, for instance, whether it is virtually situated or physically present. All the uncertainties that confront the venture, which is the acceptance of the solution by a recognized market portion and legitimacy as a modest participant in the local market are recognized and reconnoitered (Maree, 2017). Legitimacy and uncertainties ensure that operative competitive strategies are established and there is proper management of resources. In the development of a venture, the availability of resources and capabilities play a vital role in the initial stages of the development. A good example is the abundance of resources in the market that shall help the entrepreneur to make a decision on how to make use of the resources to attain a competitive advantage.

Interpersonal Skills

These skills are essential as employers look for people who can pinpoint what they want and the needs of others, as well as those who acknowledge the worth of different opinions on things. This skill helps one to communicate effectively and relate well with others. depending on the organization the intern can interact with a variety of clients, vendors, and co-workers and managers. Therefore, it is essential to develop and maintain a good relationship and be a kind of person that the members of the organization want to have in the office each day (Philipsen, 2017).


Collaborating with other interns and employees in the company is a must in the position of an intern. The ability of one to communicate and relate properly with others is very essential since it gives one the opportunity to work with others to attain a common goal. Working as a team, one has to recognize his/her own strengths and flaws to know how one can add up and know how to bring out the best in others.


In the current culture of the workplace, whether as an intern for an organization, everyone requires to wear multiple hats even in the most senior executive roles. Working as an intern, one might wake up one day and find his/her working in the sales department and the other day working in the customer services desk. Also one may have a particular interest with various aspects of the organization, the willingness to work on and familiarize with different segments of the organization is seen as an asset which also increases one's exposure within the company. Therefore, interns have to be adaptable to various changes of roles in an organization to improve their knowledge of different aspects as well as improve their reliability in the job market.

Software knowledge

Due to the development in and advancements of the technology world, the job market has become more and more reliable on technology. Therefore, as an intern, one should utilize the opportunity given to familiarize with the software skills. These skills not only make me more reliable for future employers since I will have more to give in the job market. For instance, learning the use of Acrobat and InDesign makes one more valuable to the future employer in an advertising internship (Berko, Aitken, & Wolvin 2010). Moreover, these skills are more versatile and can be transferred to a variety of professions, thus, they make one stay relevant in all fields of opportunities.


Professionalism can be valued by the management skills learned during the internship. This program helps one to practice and learn how to consolidate one's significances and take charge of the goals of the career. For instance, if one is not able to manage projects, the manager or a supervisor comes to help where difficulties arise and talk about it to resolve any problems in the project. The manager may ask one to get a planner who checks in with them on a daily basis or speak out their goals to the people who already know them. In a full-time job, that is not an internship, the manager might not be there to guide ensure the proper procedures in the project are followed. Therefore, it is important to learn how to manage the projects when one is new to the game.

An intern should take advantage of some important opportunities during their internship as due to the shortage of global skills in the current job market. According to manpower group survey, the employers have difficulty in filling up the open positions because candidates have no expertise in technical skills and workplace skills. These skills can further be classified as hard skills and soft skills respectively. If one is not refining their skills, learning from the internship program is the best way to improve the knowledge that could place one in the future opportunities for a job (Hardina, 2013). Therefore, internship improves the learning experience, and while they differ with business, providing the universal skills that help to improve one's career.

Competency defines the knowledge, attributes, and skills that are required in an organization. Every individual has a set of competencies that are required to perform a certain task effectively. Developing the competency framework needs one to have an in-depth understanding of the roles that are within the business setting. Competency can be described using the motivation theory which states that competence motivation increases the ability of one to master a duty. Therefore, with proper motivation, one is able to perform the assigned duties with the required time.

It is clear that the competency-based approach has been extended at the beginning of the21st century which has been discussed by the problems and the ways of modernizing the education system. Thus, innovative training has not only been a way of instruction, but also the new way of thinking. Competency development theory has been established due to the rise in the concerns within a variety of disciplines to advance concepts and classifications that are of clear relevance to the applied research. Firms have consistently theorized in terms of their routines which are understood to enable possible reactions in changing the market conditions to the emergent of new technological developments (Schweitzer & King 2009).

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