Free Essay Sample about Short Fiction of Kate Chopin

Published: 2017-08-16
Free Essay Sample about Short Fiction of Kate Chopin
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Considering the three short stories of the write Kate Chopin, the writer majorly denotes about freedom of self-hood and self-assertion especially in women, racism, hypocrisy and finally sexual explicit among other human conditions. This are the most crucial human particulars that the writer tries to display them, in the three stories the writer use women to be the protagonist in the fact that they are the main figures or prominent characters in the real life situations. The women in the short stories are seen to be treated harshly and that they do not have the rights to do anything of their choice. They are overworked and given more responsibilities and at given times wherever anything goes wrong like the case of Desirees baby being black in the story Desirees baby then they are the victims to be blamed. I am basically going to point out the various human characteristics and condition displayed in the three short stories of Kate Chopin the story of an hour, Desirees baby and The storm. These are stereotypes based on gender which have no facts. Children colour cannot be blamed from women but this is a genetic information that comes out to give black colour.

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Louise looks sad, outwards when she receives the news that her husband has passed away in a fatal road accident, the news had been brought about by Richards, a close friend to Mr Mallard, he had learnt of these from a newspaper. This news brings burning joy to Mrs Mallards heart though she does not show it out. She claims to lead the rest of her life on her own, although she sparingly loved her husband but he was too strict on her and she could not do anything on her own. She says that the husband was the reason of her living, dictates to her everything she has to do and would not let her to enjoy own freedom, she lacks possession of self-assertion ,self-fulfilment and she does not fully understand the meaning of love. Despite, some kind of mistreatment Mrs Mallard shows greater love for his husband.

It took a short while almost an hour before her dreams of enjoying a free life when it got buried again at the arrival of the dead Mr mallard this came to her a shock that engulfed her body, the person whom she had learnt of his death some hour ago was now back. This makes her to be sad when she comes to realise that the man had died of joy and that even himself was not a where of what was happening. Mr Mallard is not caring towards his wife in any given way. He is surprised when he sees Josephine sister to her wife is weeping together with Louise and the presence of his friend Richards. He gets much confused on seeing this startling event. The wife to Mr Mallard shows love and care despite mistreatment by his husband. The story has been set in Mr Mallard compound through her emotions we realise that the absence of her husband was a new life to her free! Body and soul free she kept whispering this shows how happy she was, another place we see her joy is when she says Go away ,I am not making myself ill she says this to her sister it means that she had no freedom at all in the presence of her husband.

The story is told of a woman called Desiree; actually she has an unknown origin. She is found thrown in the bush and raised up by a woman called monsieur Valmonde. Desiree here is unable to identify herself whom she is .She lacks the spirit of self-actualisation, after having grown up to a woman she gets married to Armand Aubigny who claims to love her and confidently outlines that he does not care about the origin of Desiree and that he loves her very much, but later he disappoints her by divorcing her. This evidently shows hypocrisy being displayed in Armand.

After bearing a child with Armand, he does not want to associate with neither the child nor Desiree since the child has got a black skin. This is where he questions concerning the identity of his wife arises and later on refuses to name the child leading to the baby being called Desirees. Therefore, the husband shows how he is superior than his wife which should not be the case in the society. Racism is primarily a dominant trait in a condition like this which has led to superiority of Armands race. Mr Armand sets fire on Desirees clothes and the babies clothes after divorcing her , the woman is forced to go back to her mother who raised her. This outlines how inhuman Mr Armand he is.

Calixta is busy sewing and she does not realise the presence of the coming heavy rains, but as the weather becomes darker and darker, she gets out to pick clothes and she encounters Alcee Laballire her former boyfriend. She welcomes him warmly and they get into the house in which they get sexually aroused. Sex and adultery is displayed here. Both the two are married but they engage in the act in the absence of their spouses. Sex is characterised to be a strong force, inevitable and totally natural to them and they are all happy though it does not last, just the same way the rains didnt last but it has a greater impact on their lives.

Feminism is another condition displayed by the women. It is also depicted here where by both the two women are involved in sexual affairs with the same man that is Alcee Laballire but they seem to be caring and strongly attached to their families and move on. For instance, Calixta is so much concerned about Bibi their four year old child. As they come back in the house after the long rains, she kisses him and checks if he has been rained on, at the same time he welcomes her husband and kisses him. On the other, hand the original wife to Alcee Laballire writes to him a letter and tells him on how they are faring on and that she has missed him. In the story man is enjoying the dangerous scenery but they still feel good about it. Alcee and Calixta commit adultery during the hence enjoying themselves but they do not know the effect of their actions although they finally part just as the rain stops and goes away safely, they resolve this to be a natural excitement. Calixta is the main protagonist in this story. in the second page of the book I got enough to do and there is Bobint with Bibi out in that storm if only did not leave friedhemeirs this shows that she is too occupied that she cannot help the two gone out she is also an easy as seen in page four where she says that Oh, Bobint your back! My! But I was an easy

The setting of the three stories looks related to each other the women being the protagonists in the three stories. Basically they tent to revolve around the various problems that women encounter in the society as exemplified in the storm by Calixta in which the setting is at Freidheimers store in Louisiana and at the nearby house of Calixta and Bobinot. Diseree in the story diserees baby set in Louisiana before the civil war began the woman being the main point of interest.

In conclusion the three story basically talk about the position of the woman in the society that is exhibited by male chauvinism and dominance ,immorality, true meaning of love ,racism, hypocrisy in human beings, gender equality between men and women in the society among other various unresolved issues of which still remain stubborn in the society .the writer Kate Chopin tries as much as possible to bring out the various human conditions in the society and the driving forces leading to this problems but in a hidden manner that is he uses imaginative characters to bring out the points. Through this we are able to understand the different human conditions displayed especially by men towards their juniors.

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