Essay Example for Free Use: Revolutions Before the Industrial Revolution

Published: 2022-02-16
Essay Example for Free Use: Revolutions Before the Industrial Revolution
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Human beings are revolutionary beings. Ever since the beginning of history, there have been numerous subversive acts in almost every aspect of life. Revolution is perhaps in the hearts of human beings. The challenges that people face in life are the main reason for rebellions. The search for solutions to problems people face leads to revolutions. The industrial revolution, otherwise known as first industrial revolution, is the significant change that the world experienced during the late 18th and early 19th centuries (Bentley 678). The invent of steam engine, which was the main feature of the revolution, led to a significant shift in the world order both in political, economic and societal aspects. Before industrial revolutions, there are several aspects of revolutions in historical moments. Nevertheless, a comparison of the events in America's and Oceania's history shows that revolutionary was more around advancement in technology, trade, and religion with violence and war experienced as people fought for freedom and equality.

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Advancement in technology was the focus of the revolution. In 1492, the European mariners had powerful weapons and technology (Bentley, 594). Thus, the arms gave them a leg-up in terms of technology in comparison to other states. They were able to conquer the Americas and Pacific islands because of this improved technology. In addition to this, they were immune to the diseases that caused many disasters to the indigenous Americas and Pacific communities. With this enhanced technology, they led to a revolution in the states that they colonized. Thus, it led to the revolution in America and Pacific. Similarly, technological advancement was a crucial characteristic in industrial revolution. The invent of steam engine was the backbone of industrial revolution. The technology improved communication with locomotive engines used in transport and communication. Thus, technology played a crucial role in both early and industrial revolutions.

Trade was the main reason for early explorers traveling across the world. The Europeans and Americans first interacted in the Caribbean as they carried out trading activities in the region. The Tainos, who were initial occupants of the areas carried out farming and were interested in beads, glass, and metal tools that the Spanish traders brought into the region. It is during this time that the Spanish colonists created Santo Domingo that advanced to become the capital for Spanish (Bentley 595). It was mainly for trade. Similarly, the industrial revolution in the late 18th and early 19th centuries was on business. Trading activities drove the development of technology due to increased demand. Therefore, both prior trading activities before industrial revolution had already opened ways for revolution.

Religion played an essential role in early revolutions. The European explorers and merchants traveled, taking their religious practices to the new areas of residence. Spreading Christianity was one of the reasons for the movement of European to Americas. As a result of colonization of the Spanish in Mexico and Peru, religious revolutions emerged with priests acting as administrators. However, Atlantic and industrial revolutions were mainly economic and societal. The industrial revolution had no much effect on religion; neither was it affected by faith. Therefore, religion was an essential factor in the early revolutions.

Both revolutions that presided industrial revolutions and the industrial revolution itself had violence and war. In the early revolutions, people were fighting for resources, expanding empires, and territories. The European settlers were successful in conquering Americas because they had improved technology in weapons. In industrial revolutions, there was violence as people were fighting for freedom and equality. These wars led to revolutions leading to political and social changes (Bentley, 2015, page 728). Thus, the late 18th and early 19th revolutions spread enlightenment ideas which stirred wars in the name of freedom and equality for citizens

In conclusion, technological advancement was vital for both the initial and the industrial revolution. Trading and religious activities influenced the gradual revolutions. There was war during these revolutions as people were fighting for freedom, territories, and enlightenment.

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Bentley, Jerry et al. Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past Volume 2 (New York: McGraw Hill, 2015)

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