Essay Example with the Movie Review on Hobart Shakespearean

Published: 2022-05-22
Essay Example with the Movie Review on Hobart Shakespearean
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The Hobart Shakespearean documentary is an enticing work which focusses on Rafe Esquith, in the 1992 American Teacher of the year. Rafe Esquith is also an established National Medal of Arts recipient in teaching including the Oprah's "Use Your Life Award". Notably, Rafe teaches the fifth-grade students in Los Angeles in an area that is predominantly dangerous, poor and raged by drugs. The kids are major of the Latino and Asia descent whose parents are not conversant with the English Language (Kariuki & Rhymer, 2012).

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In his teaching, Rafe applies extraordinary teaching techniques to all his students where he was able to prosper in it making him get recognized across the nation. His approach is demanding and it often requires students to put more work into it as opposed to what conventional school teachers normally do. However, we see that most students react positively to his teaching methods hence recording good performances across the board.

The students at Hobart Elementary where Esquith teaches are mainly half Latino and half Asian descent. Thus, most of them speak English as their second language making their stay in LA even more difficult. The neighborhood in which the kids live is majorly known for experiencing the highest rates of crime level, violence, drug abuse as well as a breeding place of the gang warfare. Moreover, most of the parents and families of the kids are associated with high poverty rates who struggle on a daily basis in order to service and make ends meet. Notably, some parents within this community and most parents to some kids are victims of drug abuse and members of gangs (Matthews, 2010). This has made it even more difficult for some of the kids making education their only hope for a better life. The busy program employed by Esquith is one way to keep the students busy, focused and distracted from their realities. After, the fifth grade, the students are required to leave the elementary school and advance into the middle. The stage is very important in a child's development hence, Rafe is motivated to come up with essential strategies to help students build themselves up and prepare them properly.

The 5th graders at the Hobart Elementary often have longer school days as compared to other schools. The school days are often longer than the expected durations where Esquith has initiated a program where students can take part in rehearsals after school. Furthermore, Esquith gets involved in managing a program on Saturdays that he implemented. During the program, the kids are allowed to rehearse a play, do readings, some can do their homework as well as ensuring that the students stay off streets due to the stature of the neighborhood. Normally, the school year at Hobart Elementary is scheduled to begin in July and end in April where the students have only two months where they break for summer vacations (Matthews, 2010).

The main focus on the Hobart Shakespearean was the incorporation of the Shakespeare plays yearly by the students. Distinctively, most of the elements in the theatre were very much limited starting from the props, stage as well as costumes. For instance, the classroom was being used as the stage. Nevertheless, the talent and passion among the actors were exemplary despite being the fifth and sixth graders. The reason to why Rafe uses Shakespeare works is to help students understand their culture on a deeper level as well as helping students to appreciate the English Language which to them was a second language. Indeed, it is seen that the students appreciate Shakespeare works and most get encouraged to audition for roles in the plays. Apparently, the element of music is well captured in these Shakespeare performances. Esquith encourages the teaching of music as part of the syllabus which later gets incorporated in the plays.

The Hobart Shakespeareans is one of a fascinating and life moving film on Rafe Esquith, which was executed by one of the American teachers in the year 1992. Therefore, he demonstrated about a fifth-grade component to children whose parents do not communicate in English within the Latin and Asian locality that was highly unsafe, unfortunate, and a drug-infested region at the same moment. For instance, The Hobart Shakespeareans clearly outlines that the fifth-grade teacher Esquith is very resilient in that some regard it as a categorical to ideas about enlightening today's youngsters of immigrants (Anae, 2012). Therefore, he advanced to become a famous person who had unique freestyle of approaches that greatly dared those who would imagine less from colonist kids.

Moreover, one of the things that Esquith asserted on is imagining the best from these kids, despite what their circumstantial are, and for that matter, he backs up that hope by posing them with learning assets to challenge the probabilities. "I panic about somewhat for these teenagers," Esquith says. "And they are not the bunch of criminals; neither are they drugs addicts. What I am frightened is that they are normal and I don't dearth my pupils to be usual; I want them to be amazing because I know they are." With that enduring faith and desire, Esquith led his fifth-graders through a problematic set of courses of English, Mathematics, geography, and writings that shaped an actual domain for ignorance setting (Anae, 2012).

On the same note, the movie displayed how best the whole thing was for the students since they had an opportunity to put on for an occupation such as a financier, office monitor, administrator, and many others. Furthermore, every youngster expected a continuing "payment" within a tutorial room cash that consistently help them in reimbursing for their rental to enable them to assemble on the desks. For example, nearer to the obverse of the room, the greater the rent, although the students were certified to make additional currency through attainment of decent results and to take part in additional events; even though, they were penalized for breaching some of the class guidelines and gaining unfortunate scores (Gaby, 2014). Besides all this, the schoolroom had a slogan that is "Remain pleasant, labor firm and there are no shortcuts." Even though on the other hand, Equity also motivated them with cross-country tours to put them in a position of learning olden times things at immediate and to practice in a creation of prospect that is further than the anxious limits of central Los Angeles.

Therefore, the highpoint of success for the learners in each year was the presentation of a drama by Shakespeare, whereby the recording of Hamlet was done. For instance, folks thought that these broods were reciting teenage skits, but think again. Although, Esquith's scholars achieved a full measurement, which is unbridged forms that made them employ a whole year cramming the theatres so that they be in a state of understanding every word and reference. Also, the hard work of the "Hobart Shakespeareans" has drained the courtesy and help some of the favorite performers such as Michael York and Sir Ian McKellen, who is new in the concert of the wizard Gandolf in The Lord of the Charms series (Gaby, 2014). Therefore, this has sent relatively a stillness of enthusiasm through Esquith's fifth-graders when he calls. However, he is pleased with them as they are with him since it is informal to perceive why the undergraduates grip Shakespeareans as one of their personal. In other words, York requests the Hobart Shakespeareans as one of the pronounced Shakespeareans companies in Los Angeles.

Further than the disagreement are the consequences of Esquith's multi-faceted platform that discuss an unusual number of previous Hobart Shakespeareans who have stimulated on to appear in top institutions and campuses all over the republic (Kelly, 2011). Furthermore, Esquith and the wife, Barbara were able to supply their package out of their compartments and with extraordinary expenses of their period and vitality. Even though, nowadays most of the charities are from most essential businesses and reserved persons protect the price of the session extra-curricular events although not a single person of these assets was used in the enhancement of Esquith's income as an internal urban school tutor. Additionally, Esquith is also one of the old-fashioned humanists, since, in the first place, he senses that he should impart what he loves by having faith in that grabbing the common hominid portion is unequal factual that is a key to wisdom and a broader world of information and accomplishment.

However, some of the folks do say that Esquith's achievement is as an outcome towards the production of a remarkable intellect of operation, and therefore they are not instances that are primarily appropriate to a teaching disaster in which a deprived offspring in institutes fall ever beyond overdue. But what Esquith has openly accepted, albeit through an outstanding expense in that the best teaching outfits are the gears that the social order are in a position to deliver it, in any case, every toddler can prosper since it is one of the American dreams (Kelly, 2011). Finally, with all the new knowledge in the flick commercial, this becomes one of the best and pleasing in the flicks during the shooting as appealed by both the manufacturer and manager Mel Stuart. Therefore, all the children that took abode in this show description show a witness to the influences of graphic arts whereby the modification is outlined how one individual can systematically be dedicated to creating.

In the film, Esquith puts emphasis on teachings students about the importance of knowing what it means being Americans and appreciating being Americans. To lead by example, Esquith takes time to celebrate American holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day. Huck Finn stories get used to help students know the value of being themselves at the same time helping kids to respect other people. In order to help students, know the history of America, fifth graders get taken to enormous field trips which are majorly sponsored by patrons. In addition, Esquith teaches students on the value of saving money (Sisk, 2012). He implements a classroom currency where the kids "pay rent" for chairs and the desks being used and those who are late on a payment and incomplete work face fines. Also, the auctions are organized once in a while where students can purchase amplifiers, guitars among other materials.

The response of the students to Esquith approach to teaching was positive. For instance, some students would start crying while reading Huck Finn, an aspect that shows the impact and the connection the approach is which will make students change for better. The teaching helps students realize the importance of education and as a potential tool to help them change their families and the situation of the whole community. To motivate students to scale higher in life, Esquith has created pendants of the top universities and placed them on the walls. Among the universities are UCLA, University of Florida and Notre Dame as well as the names of his students who he thought while in the 5th grade and have now prospered. Therefore, students have to work hard and smart in order to prepare for a college acceptance.


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