Essay Example: Medical School Personal Statement

Published: 2017-10-02
Essay Example: Medical School Personal Statement
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Medicine is one of the noblest things that one can partake. My interest in medicine started when I was contemplating about how I can use my life in the most appropriate ways in which to use my talents and skills to serve humanity. I grew up admiring fictional superheroes who I saw on the television. As a result, my desire to become a superhero started to spark within me and I decided to become one of them. However, my disappointment was when I was grown enough to realize that I would never be the superhero that I always wanted to be. I started giving up my dream to be a superhero. After all, superheroes were just fictitious characters created by movie makers. Just as I was about to give up my ream, I realized that I could be one. Although reality said that I will never be lucky enough o have superpowers, I started believing in magical realism. I realized that I still could become a superhero and achieve my childhood dream.

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Information is power for any society in the world. The more information that a society has on various issues, the more that society is likely to not only thrive, but also survive. This is why I have a deep interest in knowledge and information. I consider myself as a bookshelf what has many books on it. This bookshelf will continue to growth in terms of the number of books it has and also in terms of the diversity and versatility of the knowledge in these books. It is this belief that has placed me on a path of searching for information and creating it as I do that. Even at my young age, I have been able to carry out a number of projects that will aid in increasing visibility of information in the medical world, and which can be used by both physicians and patients to improve healthcare.

During my high school years, I was able to create an eBook to help parents in India to have better access to health for their children. I have also been able to create a computer based system called DASAH that is also important in the same area. I already filed for the patent for my DASAH system which I think, with a little bit of tweaking, I believe it will be of great contribution in improving healthcare delivery. Finding out what one wants to do with his or her life can be a very challenging thing, especially for those who are extra talented. It took me some time to go through the labyrinth of the many things that I could possibly partake in my life. This journey was not easy and I had many dreading, sleepless nights while thinking about it. I wanted to make sure that whatever I do with my life, I can be great at it because I believe that anything that is worth doing is worth doing greatly. Then, I realized that apart from having different talents, my interest in both business and medicine, this could be my opportunity to do something great with my life and at the same time help in making the this world a great place in which to live.

Information is much more powerful than most people think. In most cases in life, the difference between death and life is just a tiny bit of information. The thing that separates the successful people from the failures in life is information and how easily one can access it. In the medicine world, the right information at the right time can save a life, or change a person’s life forever. I intend to grow this bookshelf in every way that I can manage and I hope, I know, that it will be of great use to the society. I believe this is going to be a long term journey, a life time journey which will call for me to constantly seek ways more knowledge, information and skills. For that reason, my first assignment is to get a place filled with other bookshelves, where I can gain from great minds in the medicine world as I take this endeavor to become the best bookshelf that has ever been.

With a combination of medical knowledge and business as well as technology, I believe that I can make a difference in the society. However, this bookshelf needs more stock so that it continues to growth in size, and in terms of the diversity of the knowledge that it has. For that, it needs support and needs to gain its collection of knowledge from the massive knowledge that I can gain. As a result, my main role is to make sure that I get this information knowledge and skills in order for him to come alive. I hope that as I go on with my search for a proper place to find more books to stock this bookshelf that I will have the opportunity to get into a school where I can interact with great minds as students and as faculty.

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