Paper Example - Relationship between Law and Order in a Democratic, Free Society

Published: 2023-02-13
Paper Example - Relationship between Law and Order in a Democratic, Free Society
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In a democratic society, all citizens are equal under the law. They are entitled to the same rights and privileges which the constitution offers. However, people can take advantage of democracy or misunderstand its concept to commit crimes. For instance, citizens can misuse the right to freedom of expression to spread hate, which can, in turn, results in riots. Notably, the order is highly required for democracy to run smoothly. Therefore, the law is an essential tool in achieving and maintaining the tranquility among people who are free to express anything; thus, it should be used. The rules and regulations provided by the law ensure that people conduct themselves democratically without mistreating or discriminating others.

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To understand how the law helps in promoting order, it is critical in defining the two concepts. Law refers to the set of rules that are used in regulating people's behavior as well as how societal institution operates. They help in defining people's power and how it should be used to ensure that order is obtained. Order in a society is the proposed living patterns which are enforced in people's living styles. Now, the law sets to regulate these patterns positively by ensuring people respect one another to maintain harmony in society. Notably, both the two concepts are critical in the constitution of a stable society as they provide that profitable operations run smoothly

Importantly, the law limits the power of the government, an ingredient of democracy. In undemocratic states, people usually have no say over the government; hence, their rights are violated. As a result, they may end feeling dissatisfied with governmental performances leading them to protests, which, in turn, disrupts order.

On the other hand, a free society's law asserts that governments are meant to serve people. It gives the people power over governments by giving them the responsibility of electing leaders into power. Indeed, people have the mandate of electing leaders who they confident; thus, they achieve a peaceful relationship with the administration. Also, to maintain order, citizens need to feel appreciated of the roles in running the society. Therefore, the law gives them the power to question their leaders' operations to ensure that their democratic rights are honored

Another role of maintaining order is to establish a code of conduct to regulate people's behavior. Codes of conduct are the regulations that define societal values and standards to obtain harmony among people. It advocates that people treat one another with respect equity to avoid hostility that could lead to protests that disrupt societal order. Besides, it promotes people' principles that make them conduct accordingly to prevent them from indulging in criminal activities. Notably, ethical conduct maintains positive behavioral patterns that contribute to orderly societal operations.

In conclusion, the law has a positive influence on attaining and maintaining order. Rules and regulation in democracy ensure that the citizens' behavioral patterns are positive. They learn to treat one another with respect and fairness despite the huge differences among them due to their diverse backgrounds. However, it should be noted that law policies are not usually accepted broadly; thus, they require to be enforced in people. Law enforcers such as the police are expected to ensure that law and order are obtained to maintain a stable society. Lastly, the punitive measures as a tactic of law enforcement are necessary in making people abide by the rules and regulations to maintain order.

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