Free Essay: Formal Analysis of the Diadoumenos by Polykleitos

Published: 2023-02-27
Free Essay: Formal Analysis of the Diadoumenos by Polykleitos
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The marble statue of Diadoumenos is a representation of the original bronze statue, which was produced about 430 B.C. The original statue was however melted down. The sculpture displays a young man with a fillet around his head. The marble statue of Diadoumenos is a creation of a Greek sculptor known as Polykleitos of Argos. Polykleitos worked during the mid-fifth century B.C when he became one of the most famous artists in the ancient world. The marble statue of Diadoumenos is carefully designed putting many considerations to the bodily proportions and stance which was one of the signatures of Polykleitos. This paper makes a formal analysis of the marble statue of Diadoumenos in terms of its body, facial expression, and posture.

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The marble statue of Diadoumenos has been sculptured to have its thorax and pelvis to tilt in the opposite direction which sets up contrasts in the torso creating an impression of organic vitality. The statue also assumes a position of potential movement, having its feet poised between walking and standing. The artist made used carefully sculptured struts to support the upper limbs of as well as the tree trunk strut to support the lower limbs of the statue giving it stability thus enabling it to assume the upright position.

The marble statue of Diadoumenos is approximately eight heads tall, associating it with the early Imperial, Flavian period. The statue also draws its inspiration from the Diadoumenos culture as its name suggests dating it back to between 69 to 96 A.D. The statue is carefully carved from marble to about 73 inches high. The statue is also a perfect representation of the ancient world. Its head, arms, and legs from its knee down, as well as the tree trunk that supports it are ancients.

The marble statue of Diadoumenos has been sculptured without any protective clothing to give a clear view of the well-built physique of the athlete from which the statue was carved. It depicts an athlete as they were the perfect candidates to be made into sculptures, which would then be placed on display at the athletic events during ancient times.

The statue also has a fillet around its head, which carefully holds its hair, which has been used by athletes to avoid distractions during the athletic events. The general posture of the marble statue of Diadoumenos assumes the position of a bodybuilder who is trying to flex his muscles. The posture gives a clear vision of a well-built masculine body. The hands of the marble statue of Diadoumenos were also carefully sculptured to show the athlete's biceps. The marble statue of Diadoumenos was also sculptured to portray a barrel-chested individual who is physically fit.

The athlete physique with a physically fit body of the statue portrays a well-built youthful athlete with a beautiful face. The glimmer in the statue's face is also a representation of a serene, sensuous, and intellectual individual. The face of the marble statue of Diadoumenos sparks the realization of the nobility of the Greeks.

The face of the statue also shows sharply cut eyelids bordered by ridges that represent the eyelashes. There is also a transverse incision of the lower lip of the statue as well as a curling crisp, which forms an effective contrast. The artist also brought out the variegated hair of the young athlete. The carvings of the marble statue of Diadoumenos are carefully done to bring out the undulating planes of its cheek as well as its dimpled chin.

The composition of the marble statue of Diadoumenos brings out an impression of a rich harmony of a happy circumstance looking at the position of the statue's hands and body posture. The Polykleitos design portrays a rhythmical quality from its smooth and well-grounded texture and carvings.

The design of the statue is appealing to the eye and beautiful to look and feel. The hair of the statue is neatly arranged to cover its left ear while the right ear is left visible due to the slight slant in the posture of its head. The plain fillet around its head has been carefully curved in the same width all around its head. The marble statue of Diadoumenos also has a very broad toe for stability to complement its athlete body.

The statue was curved with a plinth to maintain its upright position, which is higher at the back than in the front giving the statue a posture as if it is standing on its toes. The stubs of the dead stem at the backside of the statue have also been carefully curved to reflect the ancient times. The stem has a growing fanlike leaf that beautifully decorates the statue.


Thus, the importance of this marble statue of Diadoumenos in the modern-day world lies mostly in its intrinsic beauty as well as the depiction of the Greek composition which clearly comes out of the sculpture. The body, facial expression, and posture that has been brought out in the carvings depict a masterpiece of the ancient artwork. The marble statue of Diadoumenos portrays Polykleitos of Argos as a master who had perfected the art of sculpturing with the ability to make beautiful forms of humans.

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