Free Essay about Computer Learning Program in Benton High

Published: 2022-03-11
Free Essay about Computer Learning Program in Benton High
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Question 1

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Change is inevitable in Benton Township, and Benton High School is subjected to construct a Computer Lab to help in teaching computer technology skills. Helena is recruited to train her pears computer skills and create a webpage as well. Without alerting anyone, she unknowingly posts the Web page on the weekly bulletin which witnesses her sending signal internationally on the urgent need of musical instruments by Benton High. This message is given much concern and Helena receives many messages from people inquiring on how they could donate the musical instruments. The school office also receives on what best could be done to help solve the problem.

Question 2

Helena has failed the school by not following Web page guidelines to the latter; she uses the wrong way-which is calling for help regards music instruments which attracts attention from everywhere on the school's lack of essential learning infrastructures.

Question 3

Helena case can be handled by the school calling off the unnecessary plea raised by Hanna; it could send another weekly bulletin about having received more than enough musical instruments. On the contrary, the management could accept these donations and use it as a strategy to improve music program in Benton High.

Question 4

The school should benchmark other schools that have already incorporated computer learning program other related technology classes into their curriculum. This should be meant to learn more about how Benton high students are likely to welcome the technological program and the challenges likely to come about. Also, the primary school stakeholders should aspire to receive financial education to help them in ensure efficient allocating of funds appropriated to the schools. They should seek to allocate resources in relation to the needs; in this case, purchasing musical instruments and successful construction of computer lab. Lastly. The school management should ensure that the returns on investment is substanstial.Question 5

The massive help regards musical instruments should be met by incorporating even more efficient music classes in Benton high and also outsourcing teachers specializing in music to take students through the music classes.

Question 6

The music program ran by Benton high can be turned into a positive experience by encouraging students to be creative enough-should not limit themselves to learning, but writing songs and playing different musical instruments.

Question 7

Posting the school web on the internet has impacted positively on Benton high; the school has been made famous and also benefited by receiving hundreds of help about musical instruments which will see it go a long way in teaching the programs. In addition, the computer program has impacted positively to students like Benton High; she has been able to develop a web page successfully, which means that even more is yet to come.


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