Essay Sample on Adoption of Children

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Sample on Adoption of Children
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The adoption of a child to build up a family is the process of an adult assuming the parenting role of a child born of other biological parents (Barth, Richard 105). There has been a lot of debate around the process of acquiring children and parenting them. However, the legal system gives an expressway to permanently transfer all the rights and responsibilities of a child's biological parents to the adoptive parents. A court of law offers orders for children's adoption processes and cannot always be revoked. The adoptive parents have to meet specific qualifications and obligations to assume the foster parenting role. The process has always been the right way of bringing up families, especially for adults who may not have had the true blessing of siring children. Children who are victims of unwanted births also find love and happiness when they find new permanent parenting.

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There are three main categories of benefits of legal adoption, such as benefits to the biological mothers, benefits to the adopted child, and benefits to the adoptive families. First, the biological mother may have been a victim of unplanned pregnancy but was not willing to lose the child. Such incidents may inconvenience their education and other life dreams for such mothers since they may not be socioeconomically stable to take care of their child to the required standard (Kirton & Derek, 2019). Giving her child for new and desirable care to a new family may benefit such mothers by allowing them another opportunity to further their studies and achieve their dreams in life. Still, the birth mothers possess the legal rights to be part of their children's life by staying in contact with the adopting families. During this process, the mother and her biological son will still exchange social pleasantries like phone calls, photos, and letters concerning the welfare of their child. In this way, adoption becomes the right way of bringing up a family by providing such mothers the right to pursue their happiness in life.

More importantly, the adopted child enjoys the fundamental benefit of growing up in a family where they find love and other primary needs in life which they may have missed under the care of their less fortunate mothers. Such children enjoy the benefits of a stable home under committed parents with all the opportunities and resources to enable them to pursue their full dreams in life. Many children born out of unwanted pregnancies may find themselves lacking the necessities in life and failing to pursue their dreams and aspirations in life. Under adoption, the child finds a home, and love, and still gets extended love from their birth mothers. In most cases, such children appreciate their biological mothers when they grow old for having made a bold choice to ensure that they receive the best they deserve in their life.

Finally, the adoptive families also have the benefit of living together with the joy and happiness of having children under their roof. Many adults may feel the frustration and pain of failing to bring up children. Adoption presents them with an opportunity to fulfill their dreams of bringing up a child in their lives. Instead of going to their grave with that guilt and self-hatred of failing to parent a child, the couple finds joy and happiness to live in fulfillment of parenthood.

In conclusion, adoption is has been one of the best ways of building up families for all the parties involved. Despite a few challenges that the biological mothers may have for staying away from their children, the end benefits outweigh such pains (Kirton, Derek, 96). Both the child and their mother will have an opportunity to transform their life dreams in a manner that could not have worked if not for the adoption. The adopting family equally enjoys the benefit of satisfying their parenting dreams and fulfillment. In that context, it becomes an avenue that builds up both the child's biological family and the adoptive family as well.

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