Essay Example: Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Never Be Elected President

Published: 2019-09-03
Essay Example: Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Never Be Elected President
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Over the last few months, several political analysts have said that Donald Trump, who is the GOP front-runner would not win the Republican nomination. Donald Trump has however continued to accumulate more victories. He has thus destroyed the conventional wisdom and Trump looks likely to be Hillary Clintons opponent in the United States election. Due to his outspoken nature, the whole world knows him. Regardless of his various unfavorable qualities, there are still people in the United States especially some republicans who still think that Donald Trump would make a great president. Since there are some individuals who cannot seem to figure out why Donald Trump should not be elected president, this paper would examine the various reasons that prove that Trump should not be president.

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One of the key reason as to why Trump should not be elected president is that his values are actually bigoted. As per the nature of many republicans, there is still an anticipation that the individual who is elected to office is a religious conservative and that the views of their preferred candidate are forced upon America. To other people, however, this is a prospect that is scary. In terms of marriage, Trump believes that marriage should only be between one woman and one man. This means that he is highly ignorant or bigoted against the LGBT individuals. Furthermore, Trump seems to be discriminatory against the rights of individuals who have the rights of same-sex couples. This means that the achievements that people from different sexual orientations and the LGBT would distinguish or the progress of 50 years would be set back.

The second reason is that Donald Trump has agreed mongers spirit. For nearly a decade, the United States has been making immense strides towards leveling an uneven playing field and social justice. Donald Trump has proved over time that he has ultra-capitalistic beliefs. These beliefs threaten to wipe away or rip away job [programs, welfare monies and the funding of education to favor a more meme style American living, for instance, one should pull themselves by their bootstraps. This mode of living is easier if each individual has bootstraps. The current state in America does not favor everyone. This means that Trumps spirit would ensure that the poor continue being poor (Trump & Schwartz, 2015).

The third reason that Trump should not be elected president is that he is racist. There are various instances that Donald Trump has said in his social media platforms especially Twitter that the Latinos and the Black Americans are the individuals who commit the most crime in the united states. Jeb Bush has to like the Mexican Illegals because of his wife. (Twitter, July 4, 2015). Furthermore, Trump is also on record advocating for Europeans to be given access to the United States as a way or path of citizenships but the Latinos from South America should be denied. Donald trump seems to have a certain disdain over the racial minorities in the United States. This would not be favorable to the general toleration of other communities and may cause demonstrations and the unfavorable economic environment in the future. America is a country renowned for its ability to accept everyone regardless of their racial backgrounds.

The fourth reason is that Donald Trump is too much impulsive. His nature is based on more vainglorious pursuits and desires. Several of his multiple bankruptcies were as a result of his different impulsive behaviors that have led him to overspend and make bad business investments. The United States cannot afford a president who is impulsive in his/her decision-making. This would increase tensions all over the world especially the fact that he would have access to the most powerful army and weapons in the world. A president should be an individual who is able to make decisions that are well measured and calculated and in some circumstances willing to make a compromise. Compromise does not seem to be in the vocabulary of Donald Trump (Hasen, 2016).

The fifth reason is some of the policies that Donald Trump want to be implemented. One of the most outrageous stances that Donald Trump has taken is that the suspected terrorists would have to be water boarded. This is torture and is against Human rights. This would not only impact negatively on the war against terrorism but increase instances of terrorism since suspects would rather participate in terrorist activities since they know that they would not get justice. By intending to construct a wall on the Mexican border, Donald Trump angered his neighbors. This shows that Donald is not willing to make any compromises (Ayres & Glenn, 2015).

Donald Trumps negotiation skills do not seem to favor America. Trump views himself too self-important to be a president who is effective. There are various meetings that world leaders undertake. In such a scenario, Donald Trump has the capability of throwing tantrums and walking out if the other world leaders do not agree with him. This would one of the scenarios that may happen and in this instance, Donald trump would not be in a position to fire the other world leaders. This would be a new environment for him altogether.


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