Sports Fundraising Plan, Free Paper for Everyone

Published: 2022-06-23
Sports Fundraising Plan, Free Paper for Everyone
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The Money Bomber Foundation was established in the year 2000 by the Sanlam Society, a Community Based Organization (CBO). Its core goal is to help raise funds for both the non-profit organizations or profit organizations. The Foundation aims at spurring radical social change to the society through soliciting funds to accomplish development or charity activities in the community. Money Bomber seeks to enhance talents of the youth footballers who are not able to access training in the more prominent football clubs. Through a series of fundraising activities, the Foundation funds the training of these youths and provides the club with the necessary financial advisory. In its program, the Foundation aims at providing quality training to more than 2,000 youths every year, a program which requires at least $ 2,000,000.

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In 2017, the Money Bomber Foundation raised $10,000 less than the previous years in the yearly fundraiser events. The Foundation requires at least $500,000 to increase its fundraising efforts for the year 2018, raise the number of youths to be trained, pay trainer emoluments and also provide the training club with the necessary stadium expenses.

Source Actual revenue

2017 Projected revenue


Tournament events $ 35,546 $ 20,000

Car washing $ 13,453 $ 10,000

Money bombs and grassroots fundraising $ 156,635 $ 200,000

Annual fundraiser $ 186,528 $ 270,000

Total $ 392,162 $ 500,000

Last year, the Foundation acquired revenue of $ 392,162 from the variety of commercial sources such as holding tournaments, washing cars as well as carrying out strategies such as money bomb, grassroots funding, and the crowdfunding techniques. The money was used to train 965 youths in football and two football clubs and the fully paid stadium's costs. To improve our fundraising this year, we shall carry out two main strategically planned economic activities as follows:

The first activity shall involve hosting two soccer tournament events. The events shall be successfully funded through donations from the community or business sponsors. The business sponsoring enterprises shall provide financial assistance to the Foundation to be allowed to run their business advertisements during the tournaments. The participating teams shall be charged participation fees, the fans to shall pay entry fees at the gate. The two tournament events are expected to raise at least $20,000 in revenue from the entry fees.

For the second activity, the Foundation shall hold a car wash exercise through the players and the volunteers working together. The Foundation shall advertise the car wash extensively through various channels of communication as well as the social media platforms to attract a vast number of customers and also boost the money collection. The customers whose cars are being washed shall be asked for a donation according to their willingness and ability. The Foundation expects to raise more than $10,000 from this exercise.

From the two activities, that is, the two tournament events and the car wash activities, the projected revenue shall be at least $30,000. The remaining $470,000 shall be raised through other strategies such as money bombs, grassroots fundraising, and crowdfunding which shall be held before the actual fundraiser event is carried out. The money bombs, grassroots fundraising, and crowdfunding strategies are expected to raise an amount of at least $200,000. Therefore, the Foundation shall be in need of $270,000 to accomplish its plans. The final fundraiser event shall be strategically designed and planned to attain the required balance of $270,000.

The Money Bomber Foundation shall need as many donors as possible to help in the attainment of the required $ 270,000 to run its programs efficiently and effectively. Therefore, the Money Bomber Foundation calls for as many donors as possible to assist it in achieving these wonderful plans. The donations shall be accepted in cash or bankers' cheque.

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