Racial Mistreatment Essay Sample

Published: 2019-10-28
Racial Mistreatment Essay Sample
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I am writing this letter to express my concern and displeasure on two issues regarding your company operations: racial tendencies and after sale services. Greg Cereals has been our local shopping point for quite a while now, and we have never experienced incidences where fellow customers have been made to feel less good about themselves. Until last weekend. While shopping, I met a customer who seemed new and needed help and guidance on where to find an item. As I was not quite certain where the product could be located, I directed him to one of your attendants so that he might help. It was then that the attendant began using rude language laced with racial slurs when giving directions to the customer.

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As we are a community that respects the rights of all human beings, I strongly felt that the employee did not display good salesmanship and an ethical conduct when addressing the employee. No one should be made to feel inferior based on their racial lineage. I have been shopping at this grocery store, and I have never experienced such an incident. It is regrettable that what transpired might have carried a bad impression to the customer about the locals around here. As such, I request that you advise your employees to display ethical behavior in serving clients. I also request that your firm should formally apologize to the customer after being subjected to such an experience.

My second issue relates to services offered (or not offered) to customers after shopping. For a long time, Greg Cereals has been offering transport after-sale services to customers with bulk shopping. The store attendants would help in unloading and loading the items into the customers car. It has come to my attention that the service is no longer offered, and customers have to work it all by themselves. I have an issue with the withdrawal of the service especially when it comes to elderly or disabled customers with bulk shopping. They struggle too much with ferrying their merchandise to the parking lot before they load their shopping to their cars. I had formally requested that the service be reinstated for the sake of these special groups of people. Unfortunately, nothing seems to have been done. I met an elderly lady struggling with a trolley loaded with shopping trying to push it to her car. No attendant came to her help. This store has been the embodiment of the values we cherish in this community: being hospitable to new people and helping those who might be in need amongst us. It is my kind request that the values we hold close in our community be displayed even at Greg Cereals, as it not only meets our shopping needs but also represents our values as a community to outsiders.

I believe you will address the concerns raised within the shortest time possible. Feel free to contact me in the case of any clarifications or questions or on the progress made in resolving my concerns. I have a formal complaint prepared which I will submit to the responsible authorities for racial slurs among your employees. I will however not lodge the complaints if the issue is sorted out. Thank you for your anticipated intervention.

Question 2

Jack Supermarket,

54, South Street

RE: decline of a returned product

Dear customer,

We are sorry to inform you that we will not accept the item you returned. Our policies with regards to returned merchandise stipulate that such items can only be accepted if returned within 48 hours after the date the sale was made. You, however, took more than 72 hours before returning the item and without any formal notification explaining the reason for the delayed return. We also cannot accept a returned product in bad condition. The item you returned is not in the same condition as it was at the point of sale. As such, it cannot be resold.

You are kindly advised to be very careful when making your purchase. Be sure to pick the item that you need so that it might not lead to situations where they will be returned. Always be sure to check that the item you pick is the one you intended to buy. Many are the times that customers realize they picked the wrong item from the shelves when it is already too late to return, and by the time they realize their mistake, the product will be in a state that cannot be resold due to storage conditions. Before making a purchase, therefore, it is important that you are sure of the item you intend to purchase so that it might not lead to such complications in the future.

The item we received had its packaging already removed and had been used. As soon as you break the seal of the item, it cannot be accepted back to the store. We can only consider accepting returned products if they still have their seals intact. We also advise that you confirm with our attendants with regards to the state of various products to ascertain their condition before purchase. If they were faulty at the time of purchase, we will take back the returned product and give you a better version of the same product. We assure our customers of quality products, but we also take responsibility in case of exceptions. You are therefore kindly urged to exercise some caution when making a purchase just in case of faulty products or missing parts. Failure to do so and making a purchase indicates a binding contract.

As indicated in our receipts, our policy is that once goods have been sold, they cannot be returned. This is a clear caveat that as a customer you should be vigilant of what you purchase. We do not take responsibility for the loss incurred for purchasing a product which you later realize you did not want. Be sure to return a product 48 hours after purchase and ensure that the product has not been used or its seal broken. The item you returned has its seal was broken; the 48-hour timeline had already lapsed by the time you returned and the product had been used. As such the supermarket cannot accept it, and we will not make any refunds for the sale.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation. We appreciate your feedback on our products and services so that we can serve you better.

Joe Stewart,

Branch manager.

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