Check the Definition of Happiness in This Free Essay

Published: 2017-11-14
Check the Definition of Happiness in This Free Essay
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The goal of every human being is to be happy. When individuals work and accumulate wealth, their expectations is that they will be happy. This is why individuals do not work the whole of the day or the whole of the year because they have to use the money that they earn from their work in order to make themselves happy. However, happiness is not something that can be measured or quantified. This research aims at defining happiness.

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There is no simple definition of happiness because every human being has their own definition of happiness. The wealthy and poor are happy, and they define happiness from a different perspective. Happiness can be descried as an emotional feeling where one feels joy and a great level of satisfaction. Another definition of happiness is a state where individuals have all they wish and are not suffering in life. This definition suggests that the people who are wealthy are the ones who are happy. However, this is not the case considering that there are some people who are wealthy but are not happy while in other instances, some people are not wealthy but are happy. Based on this, happiness is not achieved at a certain point in life, but is a continuous thing that individuals should enjoy. When people wake up and see the beauty of nature, the sunlight and the birds around them, they feel some joy and level of satisfaction, and this is happiness. This is regardless of whether they have reasonable material wealth.

Happiness goes beyond what people think it is. As already discussed, some people think that happiness is as a result of wealth, but it goes beyond this considering that some wealthy people may not be happy. Happiness comes when there is internal satisfaction. An example is where people are happy because they are close to their relatives, eating together, chatting and laughing. This gives individuals the internal satisfaction because it is their wish that their family is always together. At such times, individuals are said to be happy. At this point, it does not matter whether individuals have wealth or not. They chose to be happy in such moments, and this is what is called happiness.

Happiness is when one is able to balance between the various aspects of life. When individuals decide to create wealth without taking care of other people or activities, they end up becoming wealthy, but they are not happy. This shows that there is a need to balance between everything. This is why individuals have to work and at the same time, find some time to engage in play. While people have to be serious with the daily work activities, humor is a very important factor because it makes one satisfied, relax and this leads to happiness.

People are happy when they have goals that they seek to achieve and they are striving to achieve the goals. People also have to find things that make them happy and engage in such things. Any activity that brings one personal satisfaction makes one happy. Work that leaves one satisfied make them happy and this is why they should continue doing such work. Regardless of this, individuals have to make the decision to be happy. Individuals may have wealth, good people around them and everything that they need, and still not be happy because they have decided not to be happy. This is why even some comedians who make the other people in the society to laugh may also be unhappy.

For other people, happiness is known just as a word because it cannot be defined, but when it comes, one feels it because it takes control of them, and they relax and do not think of anything else happening elsewhere. At such instances, there is no anxiety because individuals are not thinking of what else is about to happen. Therefore, happiness is a very strong emotion that suppresses all other feelings when it takes over.

Happiness is something that individuals should pursue because it makes their lives much better. If it is some activity such as watching a game, one should ensure that they find time to watch the games. If certain people make one happy, then it is necessary that one finds time to spend with such people. Individuals should pursue what makes them happy as long as the happiness lasts for many days and not just for a day.

In conclusion, happiness is a valuable thing in life that everyone should strive to achieve. This is regardless of the fact that they cannot define the same. This means that one may be pursuing something that they do not know. However, individuals should go ahead and seek happiness. They should go to places that make them feel happy. They have to talk to people and do things that make them happy. It is worth pursuing, and as one strives to achieve other goals in life, there is a need for a proper balance of things to ensure that happiness is the final goal.

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