Current Beliefs About the Bible, Free Essay for You

Published: 2022-09-23
Current Beliefs About the Bible, Free Essay for You
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Christianity is one of the most popular religions in society today. As a religion, Christianity traces its origin from Judaism. It was after the birth, ministry, death, and ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven that Christianity came into being, thanks to the dedication and resilience of the early apostles like Peter, Paul, John, and Matthew. In its history, Christianity has gone through lots of transformations. It has also been facing a myriad of challenges each time. However, despite the division of Christianity into Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestantism, one thing that remains constant is a strong belief in the Holy Bible as the only Christian canon. The belief in the Holy Bible has made Christianity strong regardless of the divisions.

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I am a member of the Roman Catholic Church. I, therefore, subscribe to the Catholic doctrines. I believe in the powers of the Roman Catholic canon laws because they are what guide me on everything that I do as far as my Christian faith is concerned. Being a follower of the Catholic Church has made me believe in the Bible. Following the teachings I have been getting from the church, I have grown up to think that the Bible is the only book that all true Christians should use as a guide. Everyone must embrace the Bible because it is a reliable book that was written by the authors who were inspired by God. I have full trust in the Bible because I have never heard of any publication that was authored as a result of direct inspiration from God the Almighty.

Apart from its authorship, I have full confidence in the Bible because it is a reliable publication. Whenever I read any verse from the Old Testament or New Testament, I must get useful information that touches on my personal life as a Christian. The verses contain an important message on how to behave, talk, act, or relate with one another. It is only in the Bible that I do get the information on how to live a righteous life and establish a good relationship with God. If it were not for the Bible, I would not be peace-loving, friendly, humble, tolerant and obedient both to God and fellow human beings. From this discussion, I point out that the Bible is a valuable book that must be used as a guide by all the Christians. It has everything that one needs to know to range from the history of Jews, life and times of Jesus Christ, the struggles of the apostles during the establishment of the early church, and how to lead a cohesive life in the increasingly challenging contemporary society.

When it comes to the concept of Christian doctrines, I would like to state that I subscribe to the Roman Catholic canons. Ever since my childhood, I have never associated with any denomination because Catholic is my preferred church. This means that I have an unwavering belief in the Roman Catholic Canons. Among the teachings that I believe in is the holy trinity, sacraments, scripture, profession of faith, and the Apostles 'Creed. To me, these are some of the core teachings in Roman Catholicism. I firmly believe in the holy trinity because God exists in three persons-God the son, God the Holy Spirit, and God the Father. God is omnipotent, omnipresence, and omniscient. It is only through His grace that we, as Christians, receive salvation. Through Catholicism, I have also come to revere the sacramental of baptism, matrimony, holy orders, Eucharist, anointing of the sick, and confirmation. Each of these doctrines is paramount because they build my faith and make me strong in my Christian journey. Through the Catholic statutory laws, I have learned to grow up as an obedient, faithful, and humble Christianity who leads a righteous life as required by God the creator and protector of all human beings.

Despite my strong faith in the Holy Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ, there is one thing that distinguishes me from other Christians-belief in the Apocrypha books. Apocrypha is the extra books which the Roman Catholic Church add to the list of the 66 books in the new and Old Testament. My strong belief in the deuterocanonical books separates me, as an adherent of Roman Catholicism, from the members of other Christian denominations-protestants and orthodox. Although other Christians reject the 14 extra books in the Catholic Bible, I believe in them because they also contain useful information that the Christians need to know. I am convinced that the usage of these Apocrypha books has been subject to unnecessary political debate. I have an inner feeling that, just like the rest of the conical 66 books, the deuterocanonical books were also written by the people who were inspired by God. That is why, in my opinion, they do not mislead, but contain useful information that all the Christians need to know.

In conclusion, the Bible is the book that unites all the Christians who belong to different denominations. Despite having some differences in their teachings, Roman Catholicism, Orthodox, and Protestantism remain sub-sets of Christianity. A large chunk of their canons is derived from the Holy Bible. That is why as a Catholic I do not have any doubt in the Bible. I firmly believe in the Old Testament, New Testament, and the deuterocanonical books because each of them contains useful information on what I should do as a Roman Catholic faithful.

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