Free Essay Example on Psychosocial Problems

Published: 2023-03-02
Free Essay Example on Psychosocial Problems
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Psychosocial problems are brought about by social, economic, and psychological factors that impact negatively on the physical and mental health as well as the well-being of an individual. The problem is prevalent in both adults and youth. The paper is premised on psychosocial problems.

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What was the Focused Clinical Assessment?

The focused clinical assessment would include psychosocial interviews to help determine if Miriam has a mental illness. Psychosocial interview entails identification of family history, psychiatric history and financial assessments (Fegert, Diehl, Leyendecker, Hahlweg, & Prayon-Blum, 2018). From financial assessments Miriam is affected by lay off of her husband from construction work.

The Initial Differential Diagnoses

The initial differential diagnoses are fatigue, anxiety, sleep disorders, and helplessness (Fegert et al., 2018). Miriam's request for sleeping pills, yet she longs to sleep reveals uneasiness besides sleep disorders. Impaired concentration would also be diagnosed since Miriam's thoughts are mainly on the husband's unemployment.

Major Psychological Questions that need to be addressed

One of the significant psychological questions which need to be addressed is on Miriam's behavior, is it abnormal? Why is Miriam unable to recall things? What brings about the uneasiness and restlessness in Miriam?

The Testing I would order to Rule Out any Medical Problems

Tests that would be ordered to rule out any medical problem in Miriam's case include depression test, anxiety test, and stress level test (Fegert et al., 2018). Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) test would also be necessary since Miriam has impaired concentration. The tests are concise and precise.

My Plan Care

There exist a wide range of psychosocial care. Examples of such care are spiritual care, holistic care, and support to the affected person and family. Through such care, Miriam would be able to heal her psychological wounds.

The Mainstay of Treatment and the Initial Follow-up Plan

The mainstays of treatment would be counseling and psychotherapy. Follow up plan would be constituted to establish whether Miriam is effectively responding to the treatment. The rate of recovery of Miriam would be a key priority.

The Education I would provide to my Patient

Miriam would be educated on the need to keep herself engaged to avoid destructive thoughts. She would be enlightened on the fact that life must move on by accepting the current situation. She would also be made aware of the negative impacts associated with psychosocial problems (Horwitz, Storfer-Isser, Kerker, Szilagyi, Garner, O'Connor, & Stein, 2015).


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