Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice - Essay Example on the Controversy

Published: 2019-05-29
Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice - Essay Example on the Controversy
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The abortion debate has been one that has been raging on for quite a while now. While one side of the debate claims that it is the choice of the mother concerning whether or not to keep the life of the baby, the other side argues that the sanctity of life overrides any choice that the mother has in the matter. This paper is a review of articles that are either pro-life or pro-choice in seeing which of the two papers has a better argument, and therefore brings forward their points in a clearer and understandable way.

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The pro-life article is written on the TFP Student Action website, a movement that aims to teach awareness on the importance of preserving life within the campus scenario by reducing abortion rates. The article is titled 10 reasons why abortion is evil and not a Pro-choice. It begins with statistics on the number of deaths that have resulted from abortions a figure that is quite shocking. In the space of a little over 40 years, there have been 56 million deaths of unborn children. This is compared with the population of Spain and averages to about 1 child dead every 24 seconds. The communication of this introduction alone argues out the social concern that the writer has concerning this issue.

This article appeals to the human nature to stop with the continuing slaughter of young children that is ongoing all over the world where the vice has been legalized. The first argument that the author advances against the pro-choice reasoning is that the deed is an offence against God. Indeed, the majority of the arguments concerning this have been religious, in that the sanctity of life is closely related with the belief that God is the giver of life. According to church teachings, abortion is murder, and therefore an offence against God. One of the thoughts that a reader could get from this article would be the application of double standards by the state so that the murder of a person can attract a tough punishment such as life imprisonment while murder of a child is acceptable.

The author brings in a new twist of terror and war within the USAs borders and the desire for peace in the country. However, at the same time, there is a war within the borders that has ravaged 41 million people in 41 years abortion. It further seems to be the application of double standards for a country to wish to end one war to reduce the casualties, while supporting another one, which has more causalities. With many other pro-life arguments such as the start of life at conception, safety concerns during abortions among others, the article brings home its point abortion is not the way to go (TFP Student Action).

An article on website offers a different point of view on the matters of abortion. The article titled Pro-choice as an act of love is one of the many articles where abortion seems to be the only logical choice as opposed to others in a situation where the mother is faced with some unbeatable challenge. In this particular case, the lady became pregnant with their first child at the age of 35, something that came as quite the great joy for them. However, this was short-lived as the doctor called them to inform them of the chromosomal deformities that their son would have, and therefore live quite the challenging life. They were referred to a doctor some distance away from their home for the choice of aborting the pregnancy for these reasons (Padilla).

This is one of many cases that are echoed throughout the world. Pro-life individuals argue for the sanctity of life. Pro-choice think that the sanctity of life should also extend to the quality of life. Where the life of such a baby if prolonged after the gestation period would cause pain and suffering to those who are responsible for that child, then such a life would be terminated. This argument, although seemingly heartless, is an act of love and mercy to those who can stand from this point of view. For example, in the case of the above article, this child would have had difficulties with communication, breathing and would be prone to a number of diseases. The mother, seeing the amount of suffering that her child would go through, opted for the option of not putting their son through this. Pro-choice arguments puts equally the rights of the mother carrying the child to those of the child himself, especially where the childs or mothers life is at risk.

Despite this, my disposition would go the pro-life article rather than the pro-choice. This is because mental conditions are the exceptions rather than the rule in considering abortions. As a result, one cannot solely hinge their pro-choice arguments on the instance of medical conditions as this is not often the reason for procuring abortions. The pro-life argument has presented its facts adequately and to my satisfaction.

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