Free Essay. Types of Employees That Should Be Empowered in an Organization

Published: 2023-04-10
Free Essay. Types of Employees That Should Be Empowered in an Organization
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According to Mustafa and Bon (2012), employee empowerment is a critical tool for ensuring that an organization keeps its staff motivated to have exemplary performance. However, many organizational managers find it challenging to identify and understand the most appropriate groups of employees to empower. Some managers focus on empowering knowledgeable employees, while others emphasize the need for inspiring and increasing the overall commitment of high-performing workers (Kumar & Kumar, 2017). However, findings from comparative studies indicate that empowering all forms of employees in an organization is the most appropriate strategy to undertake for an organization aiming at achieving long-term success and operational sustainability. Therefore, organizations must endeavor to empower every employee, including the knowledge as well as the high-performing ones, to achieve success (Zaraket et al., 2018). Failing to empower a particular group of employees while focusing on a predefined and predetermined may be detrimental to the organization as it may cause continuous disagreements that may culminate in disputes.

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Benefits of Empowering Employees

Empowering employees has a plethora of benefits. First, organizations that empower their staff achieve improved performance in terms of productivity. Research indicates that employee empowerment equips them with the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills needed to perform various jobs exemplarily, which in turn leads to improved productivity (Mustafa & Bon, 2012). Second, employee empowerment leads to enhanced customer service delivery because it helps employees increase their focus on ensuring customer satisfaction. As a result, customers get entitled to high-quality products and services provided in the shortest time possible to create convenience (Zaraket et al., 2018). Thirdly, empowering employees makes them feel more appreciated and valued by their organization, which, in turn, plays a vital role in increasing their motivation to work and meet the company's goals and objectives (Kumar & Kumar, 2017). Lastly, employee empowerment creates a positive organizational and brand image, which, in turn, plays a vital role in the attraction and retention of a highly talented workforce with the competence needed to perform and accomplish various tasks exemplarily.


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