Introduction to Psychology, Essay Example

Published: 2018-11-20
Introduction to Psychology, Essay Example
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The child's first environment

Parents are the first people a child will interact with because the child's first environment is the home. Therefore the child will grow up mimicking the parents. It is because he\she is learning and developing behaviour which is not inborn but acquired from the environment. The parents, who the child gets unlimited exposure to, behave in various ways and as the child interacts with them he\she will copy these behaviours

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Any form of abuse of criminal behaviour has an effect on the child. In the case of ill-treatment, the child will be affected psychologically, and the abuse will impair his\her development. Criminal behaviour from the parents will change the child too. However, abuse and criminality do not necessarily mean that the child turns out the same way. Other influences in the child's environment will enable him\her to follow a different path than the abuse and criminal behaviour.

There is a way to break the cycle of behaviour especially with a focus on the children. A rough environment when growing up will have adverse effects on the child and in some cases this environment will determine how a child turns out when he\she grows up. Breaking the cycle, therefore, needs, to begin with, the first setting the child gets exposure to and this is the parents. They need to create a healthy environment where the child will develop into and upright person.

The humanistic approach

The humanistic approach bases its assumptions on an individual's free will, and the individual has the freedom to choose the type of behaviour to engage in. Therefore, it presents support for bad behaviour because a person having the power to decide what to do will want to participate in bad behaviour.

If everything may be used for right or wrong depending on just the thought, then people have immense power in their mind. Behaviour often bases on a person's thought process. Therefore people have the authority to use what they have for good and make the world a better place. Even though this may not often be the case, it is the best option for those who are willing.

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