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Should You Write an Abortion Essay?

It has barely been 50 years since abortion became legal across all the US states. Still, the issue remains highly controversial and inflammatory, as some communities and individuals believe the procedure to be equal to murder. Others feel any woman has the right to do anything she wishes to her body, including terminating a pregnancy. 

And while every state has at least one abortion clinic, some states place limitations on medical procedures, like gestational age, waiting period or mandatory counseling. Moreover, some clinics and medical professionals refuse to provide pregnancy termination services, pushing women into seeking help across state lines or carrying the fetus to term only to give the baby up for adoption.

If you love the challenge of addressing opposing views and are not afraid to offend anyone’s feelings with your ideas, an essay about abortion can be a great way to showcase your research and writing skills. Just remember to keep the tone of your paper professional and academic without bridging your personal feelings or opinions into the mix.

How to Write an Essay on Abortion

Considering how delicate and controversial this topic is, consult your professor to make sure they aren’t opposed to your choice. It’s also a good idea to learn the professor’s stance on the issue to avoid getting a low grade because of the instructor’s bias.

When you get the go-ahead, narrow down the topic for your essay about abortion. There are many avenues for you to take, from the historical overview of abortion practices to an international survey of the legal status of the procedure across the globe. Formulate your topic to fit the assignment type, as persuasive, argumentative and narrative essays call for different titles and writing approaches.

Research is the next step. You need to be extra careful when looking for sources for your abortion essay, as there will be plenty of opinionated articles and books that support one side of the issue while completely ignoring the other. Make sure you use the publications by trustworthy journals and respected authors. Otherwise, your essay will turn into a mess of disparate opinions that have no evidential support.

Once you have a better idea of your topic, outline the body paragraphs and look for an intriguing hook for your introduction. While the exact structure will depend on your essay type, it’s a good idea to dedicate each passage to one idea or point supported by several sources. Remember to leave enough room for analysis and personal conclusions, as well as a transition to connect the paragraphs.

Before you jump straight into writing, take your time building a thesis statement. It’s a staple of quality writing most professors look for in the first paragraph. Your thesis must highlight the core idea of the paper and guide the reader through the main points you will use to prove your point. Think of it as a one-sentence outline, and don’t be afraid to edit and adjust the thesis statement after you’re done writing.

With a clear idea of the paper structure, get on with writing. You can start with body paragraphs if the introduction escapes your grasp at first. Even writing the passages out of order is alright, as long as you go through the paper in the end to make sure your thought process reads as logical and smooth. 

The final steps of the writing process are vital, so don’t skip editing and proofreading. First, give yourself time to rest and return to your essay in a few days to remove weird phrases, repetitions or redundancies. Then, use professional writing software to spell check the essay and remove typos and add missing commas. Finally, take time to format the paper according to your professor’s preferred formatting style. Be especially careful with in-text citations and the reference list. If you ignore this step, you might lose points off your grade despite all your hard work.

Make Most of the Free Abortion Essay Samples

Writing about abortion is a challenge like almost any other. The paper will stretch your writing capabilities and call for careful word choice and extra attention to choosing your sources to avoid preconceptions and biases.

If you suddenly feel a bit intimidated by the project, check out our abortion essay example database. There are plenty of noteworthy samples to inspire you. Take notice of the topics and thesis statements, look for interesting structure ideas and consider using the reference sections to find reliable sources. Squeeze every last bit of useful info from our abortion-related essays, and you will breeze through writing your own.

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What are the statistics of abortion rates?

According to Guttmacher Policy Review, the abortion ratio went from 16.9 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15-44 in 2011 to 13.5 in 2017.

How safe are abortions?

When done by a medical professional in a hospital environment, abortion is safe and has no adverse effects on the woman’s health, nor does it affect the chance of future pregnancies.

What are the reasons why abortion is legal?

In the US, the procedure became legal after the Supreme Court ruling of 1973. It is considered an intrinsic right of a woman.

What are the countries where abortion is illegal?

Few countries prohibit the procedure altogether, even to save the woman’s life. The list includes Nicaragua, Mauritania, Iraq, Egypt, Angola, Madagascar and others. Some countries prohibit abortions unless necessary to save the mother’s life or preserve her physical or mental health. These include Mexico and most South American and African states, like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Algeria, Mali and others.

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