Free Essay Sample: Political Correctness Vs. Common Sense

Published: 2020-06-18
Free Essay Sample: Political Correctness Vs. Common Sense
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In the citadels of our teaching institution a looming under dependence on logic and common sense is in the offing. Teachers, students and janitors want to be politically correct. The results is that they are eternally prohibited from speaking about what is deemed right for fear of being fired, retrenched or detained. Mel Gibson conceded that he was fine with being politically incorrect. He views political correctness as a form of intellectual terrorism an instrument of intimidation to free thinkers to change their mind. It is worth noting that an academically simpleton Hollywood star can see beyond the fallacies of correctness and embrace the truth whereas principals donned with honorable clocks of professors in high schools cannot (Pincus, 2012).

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Suffice to say that stereotyping on the basis of race, religion, gender and physical ability have been the fuel keeping the flame of political correctness burning. The ideology of political correctness claims it offers reasonable measures to combat any form of discrimination, segregation and stereotyping. The proponents of stereotyping perhaps hide behind this clock of lies and sleep soundly. When they wake up to the true nature of the world and realize that political correctness is just a theory and just like any other theory its practicality is not assured. Scholars are calling it a beacon of hope to a generation that will be more tolerant to race, religion and gender arrangement of the society. However, history has taught us a valuable lesson that what the ideology does is to simply perpetuate religious, racial and gender intolerance.

Our high schools curriculum have not had a haven for issues on race, religion, sexuality and gender. The activists of these ideology ride on the supposition of the law of moral and ethical tolerance which proudly provide for the equality of all culture, gender, religion and individual of varying sexual orientation. The section of the community who dont subscribe to this self-imposed doctrines are unanimously termed as primitive, chauvinist, intolerant and intellectually archaic. The famous term adduced to these section of the community is that they, entirely without any substantiation, are politically incorrect. Normally, this individuals are typically the minority in the institution but they end up having their way because the institution administration is scared of being trudged into a quagmire of litigation processes. Evidently, giving in to the demands of these minority sections to just be politically correct and not seem as anti-Semitic, anti-religious, a male chauvinist is a preferred choice of many a high school principal at the expense of tenets of democracy where the majority have their way.

Many principal are in heat of trying to be politically correct are now masking under the sentiments of stringent measures to peg the qualification of political correctness on their public curriculum vitae. In an effort to exercise this canons of political correctness the admission policies have been drastically changed, the curriculum extremely mutilated, hiring and promotion in high are reported to be not on merit but meritocracy with respect to race, religion and gender, while the freedom of debating has been modified to include only those issues that can be socially pass fit as politically correct. Currently, there have been massive reports of high schools employing quota systems to admit students. The schools are afraid of admitting too many blacks than the white lets their admission system be termed racists, or too many Puerto Rican than the Native Americans lest they be termed to have a biased admission system that favors the Puerto Rican (, 2015).

Political correctness has poured the bath water together with the baby of meritocracy. A body charged with hiring and promoting staff of high now has to look at performance of segments of the school before promoting any staff. The body is afraid of being accused of promoting to many whites or too many males staff. Therefore in the spirit of political correctness they end promoting staff to higher echelons who dont have the requisite qualification or necessary experience. The curriculum has not been spared the wrath of political correctness. Organization charged with the mandate of structuring the curriculum are now unobtrusively mutilating it to assume the tenets of political correctness. Books deemed to be too feminist, leaning to one religious belief, too secular or too homophobic are being scraped off to cater for the feelings of the students and tolerant society at large. These tendencies though not intentionally implemented will eventually render our academic system too relative. The acuteness that came with being fully informed and offering the learners the freedom of the body of knowledge that appeals to their common sense is gradually being lost. High school principals walking the fragile armor of political correctness are ruining the expectations of society about the young learners.

High school are churning out intellectually pampered students who cannot even tolerate a cultural belief that was defined to them to be politically incorrect. Young men and women from high school who were denied the versatility of culture are hit by a bus of cultural shock when they enter the job market. They meet employers who no longer subscribe to the mellow political correctness ideology but are very much politically incorrect. High school is teaching us that an employer should be respectfully annoyed at you, however, the world is teaching us that they are never so. The students are surprisingly denied their freedom of thought and speech. The schools stringent measures only condones thoughts that respect the ideology of political correctness. In a world filled with many evils such tendencies are defeatist, null and void. Bring up political correctness in a country in Africa where young children are being kidnapped to be used as sex tools and upon being pregnant released at the mercy God and you will be a laughing stalk.

Common sense and political correctness share to different logical poles. However, in the battle of common sense and political correctness common sense will always emerge victorious. The superiority of common sense is in the fact that defeatist elements are not embraced and truth is the guiding principle when common sense applies. The proponents of political correctness tend to use velvet gloves in addressing an issue but those who subscribe to common sense as a preferred tool often address issues with bare knuckles of logic. Individuals who purport to be politically correct and often call themselves liberals are mostly ill-informed, deceitful, insincere charlatans who progress the gospel of hatred and who have the extended greatest contempt to instruments of truth.

Recently, religious grouping are employing the religion as a tool of enhancing racism and justifying their actions by suggesting that they were only being politically correct. We can use religion as pretense of attacking people by virtue of their color or their pronunciation of words. This is indeed extremely primitive and archaic. We can employing small facets of incidents in the religious books to aggrandize racism. Ben Carson, a potential republican presidential candidate, refereed to such people as the most racist and bigoted individuals he has ever come across. The political correct people are those individuals who have no problem with a colored person as long as intellectually the colored persons rates way below them. If that is not the case they will politically correctly use every avenue to advance the elements of racism .These individuals are the exact definition of enemies of unity in our society, schools and country. It is appalling to witness such things in the 21st century (Banks, Banks & profile, 2010).

Religion has broadly been a unifying element in our society from time immemorial. Recently, religion has now become the bone of contention for tolerating other peoples view. Christians are more right about their religion than Muslims, the white Christian are even more correct about the religious beliefs and the Catholics hold the title for religious superiority and they have centuries of evidence to substantiate their claim. If a child is brought up in a school system that subscribes to Judaism, for example, the Rabbis in the school will try to emphasize how their religion is paramount to all other religions. Some even go to a greater length undermining other religions and pointing out customs they deem irreligious. These kind of situations have been the sole cradle of terrorism among the Islam religion. A religion which is founded on the bed rocks of peace has now assumed a title of being the fountain of terrorism. Some of its believers are now being treated with extra caution lest they be carrying explosives. This hardline position in trying to justify the supremacy of a religion is a fools errand that is causing innumerable damage to the fabric of unity woven by the creator of this world (Pincus, 2012).

If common sense and logic prevailed when analyzing religion the world would be a better place. If all the religious leaders employed their common sense and appreciate that we all serve the same Supreme Being then this battle for religious supremacy would slowly dissipate into nothingness. When all as religious leaders, believers and policy makers concede to the facts presented by Martin Luther King Jr that we are should not judge others by the color of their skin, religious or sexual orientation but by the content character of their character then peace would be attained. If religions was respected and considered sacred as it is the political correctness would be strangled out of the body of religion. The society may no longer have to implore its nascent generation to kill other non-believers for being rewarded with imaginary virgins upon their imminent demise. Logic would appeal to these individuals and they would see that life is the most sacred right any human being has and nothing justified it being denied to anyone especially not because he/she is a non-believer. It is a warped capricious wisdom that the so called religiously politically correct individuals operate with.

Racism has been a subject of debate for a very long time. Men are genetically filled with pathogens than cause a disorder socially known as superiority complex. The disorder appeals to an individual and convinces the person that he has a right to look down upon other individuals just because he/she has a whiter, blacker, browner skin. Racism has been dismissed as the paragon of human primitiveness and lunacy. To judge a man unworthy of your respect simply because he does not have a degree is quite low of you. It is these abject inhumane tendencies that politically correct persons ascribe to with respect to racism. The persons suppose that since they are in a different financial scale they have right to accord any modicum of respect to persons in a lower financial scale. Their ideology confers to them the right to demand that they are not worthy breathing the same air with people of a lower cadre, or sharing a cub or a bus, or their children are more genetically and financially privileged to study in schools devoid of children from poor backgrounds, nor are they worthy of sharing the same hospitals as those who live in abject poverty (, 2010).

The political correct persons have laboriously tried in vain to justify these allegation. Nonsensical appendage of social status above other human beings on the grounds of skin color, financial status and academic excellence can never be justified by any means or resources. The sheer fact of holding that view accords you a title of an insolent braggart. Men truthfully can only be j...

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