Free Essay with a Poem Analysis: Nothing Gold Can Stay

Published: 2019-06-03
Free Essay with a Poem Analysis: Nothing Gold Can Stay
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The poem Nothing Gold Can Stay refers to the shortness of peace during war. War is filled with racketing from the different machinery being used. This was particularly the case during World War Two. The use of machinery interfered with the silence that is normally associated with the European countryside. However, this poem alludes to the loss of more than silence. The golden element lost during the war is mostly innocence. The innocence taken by war is from the environment, its people, and the normal occurrence of events. This is the true impact of war.

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The first line of the poem states that natures first green is gold, suggesting that the original nature of material in the environment is precious. However, the poem suggests that this color is difficult to be retained. The poem also states that the first leaf is like a flower. Comparing this to the state of affairs around the world before the two world wars, one can see the similarity. Before the two wars, life was peaceful for most Europeans. However, this would change quickly at the commencement of WWI. The fourth line in the poem illustrates just how short peace can be maintained. The violence experienced by the people on the ground during war is extreme. This is preceded by a short period of peace.

The innocence of the ground is lost the moment the men in boots arrive. Before long, it is dusty due to the movement of war machinery. If the area is my, the routes are no longer passable due to the sticky ruts formed. The main impact of war as depicted by the poem by Robert Frost is that was causes the environment to lose its innocence.

Haiku from Japanese Internment Camps

The haiku from Japanese Internment camps depict the suffering experience by the Japanese in the hands of the Americans. The Japanese developed several poems while at the Internment camps. These poems depict the struggle and uncomfortable experience they went through. One common these poems is that they show a loss of innocence on the part of the Japanese prisoners. The prisoners are found to have changed environment which brought hardship to their livelihood. Children, women, and the old are the ones most affected by the camps.

The Poetry shows that most of the prisoners at the camp were individuals who were not prepared for the eventualities at the camp. For instance, one of the Haiku from the camps stated that elders would keep certain information from the children. This was aimed at protecting the children from the reality of their arrest. Some children would consistently ask of the whereabouts of their parents. Most elders would tell the children that their father had gone hunting or travelled. While this seems innocent, most of the children find out the truth from their friends. Their innocence is taken away by war when they realize that they will never see their parent again. Other Haiku also allude to mistreatment by the American army. For instance, Japanese often complain of the lack of a proper shade resulting in being burnt by a hot sun. Those who have never experienced such a harsh environment have that innocence taken away from them due to war.

The Japanese Haiku show that war can cause the separation of family members, and changing of roles. Children suddenly become the heads of households while seniors are subjected to the most extreme environments. The innocence of those not involved in the war is taken from them when they are pushed into a war they were not expecting.

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