Prewriting and Outlining the Narrative Essay and the Informative Paper

Published: 2022-09-01
Prewriting and Outlining the Narrative Essay and the Informative Paper
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Prewriting and Outlining the Narrative Essay

My topic will be about driving under the influence of alcohol, with 'Drunk Driving Dangers' as the working title. The essay prompt is that though the number of drunk related road accidents among the youth have reduced in the last decade, it is still an issue worth attention (, 2018). The thesis statement is 'drunk driving among the youth is the cause of many unwarranted deaths and deformities.' Research by Evans-Whipp et al. (2014) shows that 18% of youth between eighteen and twenty-four have driven under the influence of alcohol.

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The introduction hinges on the pains of carrying a deformity that was avoidable. The first main idea will be that driving under the influence of alcohol impairs one's judgment while increasing the margin of error. According to Chedekel (2017), over half of youth who die through road carnage is usually in a car driven by someone who is inebriated. The second idea is that there are instances when a sober mind is among the group, but his or her decision to keep quiet sometimes ends badly for both. It takes one child to call and inform the parent to get them instead of risking lives on the road (, 2008). The third idea is that every tragedy is usually a lesson for those who live through it, lessons that could be shared with others so that they do not make the same mistakes.

The conclusion restates that drunk driving is dangerous therefore youth should desist from it, and a reminder that carrying wounds inflicted as a result of poor decision making is full of regrets. The story ends with hope as the victim uses lessons learned to teach others against the vice.

Drunk Driving Dangers

It is easier to look and ignore headlines and statistics about how drunk driving among the youth causes unwarranted deaths and deformities. It is, however, a different story when you are not only a statistic but have a lifelong wound to always remind you of the day you survived by a whisker. A night of fun has become the source of agony and regret because I let my friend drink and drive. I do not know how long I had been in the hospital when I came to, but the sight of my left leg outstretched and tied to a metal rod reminded me that the last memory was me shouting at Joe to watch out for an oncoming truck.

We had been at a friend's birthday party and left at around 3 am. I was sober and knew he was drunk, but I somehow believed he would get us home safely. The drive had been uneventful until another motorist overtook us on Highway 102 and Joe got into a race with the stranger. His last words were 'I got this' and what followed was a loud bang then silence. I learned that whereas I came out of the wreckage alive, my friend did not. I could not attend his burial as it happened while I was still in the hospital.

I currently use my experience to give talks to other youths on the dangers of drunk driving. When people ask what lesson I picked from this, I always tell them drunk driving kills, and that it takes one wrong decision to change the course of life forever. Joe and I would still be alive and okay if that young man did not drive while drunk that night.

Prewriting and Outlining the Informative Paper

My informative paper will be about Cybercrime, as it has become one of the biggest threats to everyone in the 21st century. Cybercrime is the illegal entry into an individual, company or government's computer system through a network (Bernat & Godlove, 2012). It is an important topic to write on as the infiltration of interlinked computer systems has created a breeding ground for cybercriminals who prey on vulnerable systems for identity and credit card theft, phishing and hacking. The working title will be 'The Role of Individuals in Fighting Cybercrime.' The essay prompt is informed by statistics which indicate that about 17.6 million suffered identity theft in America, and a further 86% were victims of credit card theft (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2014).

The target audience is young adults between eighteen and thirty years who use computers and the Internet in their day to day lives therefore prone to cyber-attacks. The essay will aim at informing readers about the loopholes that exist within the cyberspace and security measures they need to observe to mitigate against potential attacks. One of the expected questions, which will make my first main point is why strangers would be hunting for people's data online and how that information changes into monetary value. The other main point will be the cost implications and worst case scenarios for victims of cybercrime.

One problem I may encounter is breaking down Information Technology jargon into a language my audience, some who are not in the IT space will synthesize and understand. To accomplish this assignment, I will need existing statistics about cybercrime, details on its operations as well as information on how individuals can protect their systems and data against attacks.


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