Landscaping Research - Free Essay

Published: 2018-10-19
Landscaping Research - Free Essay
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Real estate companies

Landscaping is a vital finishing step in built environment especially for commercial and residential buildings. Therefore, landscaping is a determined industry in the country and abroad. There are already many players in the market, either dealing with landscaping as the only venture or offering lawn and garden services alongside other services like pest control and house moving.

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My potential customers are real estate companies, institutions of higher learning, municipality councils, and individuals. Real estate practitioners usually subcontract landscapers in the finishing phases of their projects to plant gardens or grass swards. Municipality councils are my potential customers because they are frequently involved in constructing and maintaining city gardens. Many college and universities are potential customers since they are traditionally known for contracting landscapers to plant grasses, herbs, and other aesthetic vegetation in their compounds. Lastly, individuals building their houses require professional landscapers to set gardens and lawns in their compounds, and they may hire me to do that for them.

Competition in this industry is substantial. This situation means that I must apply the four C's of motivation: Control, Change, Creativity, and Cash. Other firms providing similar services are my competitors because they contest with me in the pursuit of clients in the market. Since they have been in the industry for many years, they pose a high entry barrier to me, and I have to be creative to overcome the barriers. Therefore, I will invest in a lot of capital in form of cash in the introduction phase of my services, become creative in transforming the value of services offered in the market, and strive to control negative externalities that may detrimental for my business in the introduction and growth phases (Kearney & Hisrich, 2014).


Kearney, C., & Hisrich, R. D. (2014). 6. Entrepreneurship in developing economies: transformation, barriers and infrastructure. Necessity Entrepreneurs: Microenterprise Education and Economic Development, 103.

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