Free Essay Example Dedicated to the Plight of the Wobblies

Published: 2022-09-20
Free Essay Example Dedicated to the Plight of the Wobblies
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The industrial workers of the World (IWW), are the pioneers of the current standards workers ply their trade through. The action-packed Armistice Day on 11th November 1919, in Washington created a platform for the turnaround of the events of any laborer. The way they united and joined hands to fight off their bosses and also defend their headquarters show how important these values were to them. Going head to head with their employers with the aim of attaining 'a proper working environment' deepens the issue of self-sacrifice. They may have lost many lives defending workers' rights and their 'hall,' but the main issue is the impact they had after that, it may have taken longer, but as for now, only one problem is yet to be addressed. It just goes a mile to make them heroes to all the workers. Retaliation from the so-called bosses against the striking Wobblies led to the eruption of war. According to the Bosses, the Wobblies were already raking the best income they could get, and yet they still asked for more. They were infringing the bosses and the business owners. The mob attack aimed to suppress the Wobblies and their quest for better working environments and defense of the hall.

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The right to work in a better environment should be given to all laborers regardless of the level of work. The conditions which the laborers were going through in their search for daily bread were at their worst. "The job was hazardous, pay was poor, and workers were subject to the venal system of exploitative..." the conditions were not pleasant to motivate these workers. Straight from the sleeping area where they slept on beddings they had to seek for themselves. One most important factor to increase production in any company is the worker or laborer. They are the most important players in the day to day running of the particular sector. Ensuring that these workers have better working environments, paying them well and also footing for necessities will go an extra mile in the motivation of this worker. A well-motivated worker will have better work mentality, and all these will be reflected in the production sector. The bosses should have provided the 'Wobblies' with better working states which would have benefited them in production and increased returns. The case of the Wobblies even though they had been denied these rights by the bosses still struggled and went to the extent of self-sacrifice. Even though they knew the potential results or presumed, they still went ahead with the 'fight.' The 'cause' was deemed more important than life itself; they needed to protect their rights and also the hall.

Expressing oneself is a critical aspect in the lives of many people, freedom of expression was at the thorn in the past but thankfully not now. There are many ways in which one can achieve this; some might take the violent form of expression while others may take a non-violent approach. Wobblies were infringed by the laws set up by the 'bosses' and also the gangs that were planning to attack them. Various sects were set up by the "bosses" to attack and reprimand the members of the IWW. "Armed vigilantes or "special police" would stop working men on the street and forcibly search them. Those found with the IWW's red membership card would be forced to leave." These actions led to a negative response from the Wobblies who felt oppressed and in danger. They fought back to express their grievances and also fight off the oppressor who was their employers. These acts such as torture in the streets are not humane in any way, and this reaction was bound to happen. These people needed to protect their futures, jobs, and families. Having established the second hall, they wanted to protect it from the legions and special police. The clash led to millions dead, but all these deaths happened to prove the resilience that Wobblies had and the length they would go to achieve their goals. The war led to casualties and deaths in both sides, but the Wobblies were affected more than the legionnaires. The ones caught were jailed or murdered without cause.

The right of workers and expressing themselves are not negative things. However, it is important to understand that the whole process led to an eruption of the war and the side of the "bosses" has not been assessed. The whole quest for friendlier or better working conditions was asking a lot from the owners. The level of the economy at that particular moment was still low, and that meant that the returns were minimal. Asking for more would affect the running of the lumbering companies. The fact that the special police were targeting them was only a way of reprimanding them. There was an impending coup by the workers, and this would really affect the business owners and also the economic setup of the nation. They may have fought for their rights but forgot to consider how these 'wants' were going to be put in place.

Wobblies changed the dimension of workers in the United States by creating a platform in which their rights were established. Facing all those kinds of tortures by the owners and bosses, they opted to free themselves and help themselves. Carrying a burden of oppressions they fought their way into the history books and this changed lives. The results of these conflicts were painful to bear, but still, they underwent them without blinking. Deaths by mob beating, hangings and also imprisonment were the consequences of expression. In the quest to attain better wages and working environments for better lives, they had to go through these atrocities. Even though they had a notion about the results, they still went through with it and fought for their rights.

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