Free Essay on Current Global Events and Oral Presentation: The 2018 World Cup

Published: 2022-06-27 10:45:41
Free Essay on Current Global Events and Oral Presentation: The 2018 World Cup
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There are a host of current events taking place across the globe and which evoke interests of great proportions among the participants and the viewers. In this regard, one of them is the 2018 World Cup match currently taking place in the Russian capital city, Moscow. The event carries major weight owing to the attention it is getting from the fans across the globe. Many things come with the match including the partaking of the giant football clubs from across all over the world. The countries, whose football teams have taken part since the sunrise of the match on 14th June 2018 are Argentina, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy, England, Germany, France, Croatia, Mexico, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Russia, Egypt, Senegal, and Tunisia. They are further elaborated in the subsequent paragraphs.

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The match contributes to the development and manifestation of the inbuilt footballing talents among the players. In this context, there are those teams whose players have an old hand in the game and are seasoned such that they can make impeccable maneuvers in the filed in matters ball possession and scoring a goal. They are rated according to the extent of their performance in the field which also boosts the ratings of their constituent teams. Such ratings affect the qualifications of the teams to the following matches, and for the case of the world cup match, many teams have been sidelined along the way in the quest to choose the ones qualifying for the final. The teams that make into the finals in the last quarter of the games will take the all envied cup prized at $400 Million. It is a good return for the team that has worked to its best, with the fit and coordinative players determined to show the entire world their knack and skill in football playing.

Currently, the final teams to play are the two giants; Croatia and France. They have worked to their optimum all along and have outsmarted such other famous football giants such as Germany, Belgium, England, Italy, and even Russia. It is quite paradoxical seeing the host country get defeated in its land. The finals will get played on 15th July 2018 between France and Croatia, and the world will be at a standstill to witness the outcomes of the end of the 2018 match which is held after every four years. The next match will be held in the year 2022. Concurrently, on 14th July 2018, there was a match between Belgium and England. England was beaten with two goals while they scored none. That was a beating that followed the defeat of equal proportion from Croatia, making it qualify to the finals. Meanwhile, the Croatian president appeared to be supportive of his football team when he appeared in the field on 12th July 2018 before the kickoff of the match with the seemingly formidable England. It was happy to score two goals.

The world cup is significant to the football field because it shows how valuable human talent can be. The winners have been promised a big deal of $400 million. Also, it helps in the surfacing of the fact that more and more talents are needed, which end up being people's careers in adulthood. To the other connected fields, it emphasizes on the people to tap their inherent capabilities for the benefit of themselves and the world. It also calls for unity among different nations for a common goal.

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