Comparison Essay Example: ACA vs. APA Websites

Published: 2019-10-16
Comparison Essay Example: ACA vs. APA Websites
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American Counseling Association Website

The information listed on the American Counseling Association is extremely useful as it guides anyone who visits the website on how to go about finding information that they need. The website is very useful as any counselor on the site can find whatever they are looking for at the click of a button. For instance, the website directs the user on how to apply for membership, any upcoming events that may be useful to the counselor, career options that are available to them. The page also has information on what is trending in the profession as well as general knowledge for someone who may not be knowledgeable in the field. The website also has publications that are published in the field meaning that they can get all the research that has been done on the field to get appropriate information on what they need (American Counselling Association, 2016). Contact information is also provided on the website particularly for the visitors who may need further clarification on any topic. The various events on the latest news are arranged from the most recent making it easy for the visitor to find what is most relevant. In addition to the dates the information was posted, there are subtopics written in different fonts to make it easy for everyone to navigate through.

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It is very easy to navigate through the website. The website has various links that lead to anything that the client is looking for. The various headings in the website are written in different colors to enable proper visibility. This fact is very visitor friendly as they can navigate through various issues very fast and easily (American Counselling Association, 2016). The font used in the page is visible to a person with normal eyesight as it is neither too small nor too big. The colors used for the website makes the writing very visible as well. The website has a very professional appearance with links to pages that may be interesting or of importance to the various users.

American Psychological Association Website

APAs website is very informative. Visitors to the page have to click on the links posted on the website to find what they need. Various psychological topics relevant in the society today are covered. There are links that are available to lead the visitor to the subsequent pages. The information in the website also consists of information from other pages and not just from the association the latest news come from reputable newspaper articles and books. Some of the topics that are covered include how people should deal with police brutality (American Psychological Association, 2016). This topic is very relevant to what is trending in the society making the information very relevant. Other topics covered include addiction, anger, education, alcoholism and these topics are common issues in the society. Aside from the various topics covered, there is information of where one can access psychologists and the website gives various databases that are very detailed for further psychological work

The website is very user friendly. The font is very visible and written in a different color to ensure proper visibility. Some people may find the issue of links very cumbersome; however, it is excellent as it ensures that the age does not look very crowded. A website that has writings all over may look very unattractive and too busy. Besides, the font of the writings will definitely be reduced hence creating an issue of visibility. It is rather straightforward to move from one topic to another. A visitor has the option of becoming a member so they can access more information (American Psychological Association, 2016). At the bottom of the website, links are provided to their various social media pages. Social media pages are very important as most people in the society today are on these sites and spend a lot of time looking for information. There is further information about what most people are searching or investigating.


The APA website is most helpful as there is a lot more information available as compared to the ACA website. The website has information from other reputable sources hence more diversified results. There is also access to a wider range of published works as compared to the ACA website hence a person is likely to find more regarding a particular topic that they are investigating. In the APA website, the information is divided into several sections where the users choose what is relevant to them. For instance, there are links leading to the teachers section, students section, advertisers section and even the employers. This would help a person navigate to what they need very fast. It will enable the person to find what is relevant to them very fast and efficiently. In addition to the publications, the APA website has links to various journals on the topic, which is very useful to students and researchers. The general outlook of the APA website is very friendly to the eyes and easy to read. As much as there are a lot of things written on the website, hey are written in a logical manner and in different colors for easy differentiation. It is clear that the APA website would be more helpful to a person looking for any information in the psychological field.


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