Observation in a Night Club

Published: 2023-01-10
Observation in a Night Club
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Although human sexuality has no precise definition, it can be referred to as how people express themselves sexually and also how they experience the expressions of other people whom they interact with. There are various ways in which people can express their sexuality, and they include; physically, socially, biologically, emotionally and erotically among others. Research indicates that focus has been put on natural and physical features whenever human sexuality is mentioned. It is essential also to note that the sexual orientation of a person determines their attraction to other people. The bonds between people determine their expression of erotic love towards one another, and it is also backed by care and trust. The paper will, therefore, explore an observation of human behavior in a natural setting.Background

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The setting of the observation is in a night club in my city. It is around nine o'clock at night on a Saturday when everyone is excited for the night and longing to experience nightlife after a long week at work. It is not only a weekend but the time in which my friend had planned to meet a man who wants her to be his girlfriend. The club is full, and music is slow as people are dancing with their friends and partners. The lighting in the club sets a romantic mood, and the music played also ignites the positive vibes of love and romance. There is a spacious dance floor where half of it already filled with people holding each and dancing the slow beat of salsa. I am in love with the environment, and my friend cannot wait to see how the night unfolds. Everyone is excited as the music changes regularly to meet the hype of the crowd. As time progresses the dance gets fuller, and the excitement in people's faces also grows.

The emotional climate is that of romance and love. It is like the club is for pairs or couples which sets a suitable environment for my friend and her date. One can see how people are expressing their romantic emotions to one another. Some are cuddling, kissing, and others are simply enjoying the music while erotically holding each other. I can see a couple at one end looking straight into each other's eyes in a way that suggests they are making vows to one another. Some are giggling and whispering to each other's ears as if they are whispering sweet nothings to their souls. There are some beats which send three-quarters of the crown to the dance floor, and there are those that send them back to their seats to cuddle. Those who remain on the floor when others are sited seem to relate to the music as they intimately dance and hold each other. The night is greatly cheered up, and I am almost moved, but I remembered I am here to be seen and make an observation.

The demographic composition of the participants is people from the age of early twenties to late forties. But there are a few in their fifties too as the old school music can tell. People have dressed down in their nightclub attires, and one can tell they are up for the occasion. Some are good dancers while others have "two left feet" and they cannot dance but shake their bodies arbitrary. The young couples are enjoying almost all kinds of music, and they are vibrant with infinite energy. Majority of the population are women in their early to late thirties. From close observation of people's interactions and their expression of intimacy, it is evident that there are different sexual orientations manifested. There are both lesbians, and gay couples as they kiss are caressed each other.

There are those that also seem to be attracted to people of this kind as they are making advances and look like those trying their luck to get dates for the night. Because the club has no rules, people of all calibers could be seen having good some good time. There were mixed races, for instance, the white Americans, African Americas, Latinos among other groups of people. Every person enjoyed the beats, and one could realize that a majority were people in intimate relationships. There were times when everyone could take their time talking drinking and bonding with their partners, but there were also those singles trying their lack. From my analysis, most of them were dating and not married yet as they looked like first time lovers. The attendants and the security people minded their business, and it was evident that there was no discrimination of any kind and people would mingle and have a good time in the place. In the club, I also realized that heterosexuals were more than any other type of sexual orientation.

Additionally, some people were not having any partners like I was and I could tell that they looked lonely and were trying to hook up with others who were also alone or those whose partners were not glued to them. In this case, I realized that when people are exposed to an environment where people are intimate their urge to have a partner develops. It shows that people are social beings and that every person needs love and affection. Furthermore, among those who were alone women made a majority and I could read the desperation on their faces. For the observation, I can ascertain that human beings are created or made to have companions and when they are alone they feel left out, and loneliness creeps in. The club does not only host people for nightlife but also help others to mingle and get partners too.


The most important thing that drew my attention was the behavioral patterns that were evident in my view. What happened during the inspection was exciting and at the same time a chance to learn a lot about how people interact and bond in their relationships. One of the most unusual behaviors was that of closeness among people whom I ascertained were dating or trying to bond and build a relationship. Most people were in pairs, and I could see them holding hands and frequently caressing especially after midnight. In the dance floor, they held one another firmly a sign that they were intimate with one another.

Similarly, people kissed deeply with the high portrayal of erotic love. They showed a public display of love and affection. I also noticed that the more people got drunk, the more they showed their affection towards one another.

I could also see some people flirting with others when their partners had gone to the washrooms or were looking elsewhere; some were winking and others trying to convince those they admired to go to the dance floor. There was freedom as there were no written rules on what people should or should not do. I saw one of the couples dancing vigorously, but they ended up quarreling after one of them was caught flirting. It depicted that people admire others even when they are with their partners an issue that brings double standards and unfaithfulness in several intimate relationships. Another aspect that was also evident is that some couples looked like they could not kiss or display a lot of affection, for instance, the Asians danced but did not kiss one another at the dance floor. It is a sign of being reserved and keen on the preservation of culture. Also, I could see some people from the Arabic nature not taking alcoholic drinks or even caressing their partners, and this could also depict their cultural beliefs and practices.

Another aspect that I observed was that at the early times of the night people were calm and seated, but when the night unfolded they became more active, and there was more display of intimacy. It could be that under the influence of alcohol human behavior is altered as their courage is heightened. There were also those who almost fought because they thought their partners were engaging other people and could be a sign of flirting or admiration between them. In this regard, it is evident that those who were intimate were the jealousy of their partners having close interactions with other people. It is part of human behavior to be jealous of those people one is private with as they do not want to lose them to others. The dress code of people also differed, and those who had less of their bodies revealed were reserved and did not display their affection publicly like the rest.

Another critical observation I made was that there are different ways that people use to interact with one another. Others were bold and could walk up to those whom they admired and introduced themselves while could use gestures and facial expressions such as winking. In this regard, I realized that the ways through which people use to express themselves differ from one person to another. While others are timid, some are bold to pursue those they felt they were attracted to. The love language for people varies too. In the observation, I realized that behavior is based on the different beliefs that people hold. The way people interacted told a lot about what they believed in and what they valued. A good case is how the Asian and Arabian couples danced and did not express much of their intimacy in public while on the other hand others displayed theirs. Also, the way people guard and protect those they are in love with differ. A white person could not get glued to their partners because they could dance with the ones they met at the dance and also allowed their partners to do so too, but those form the Asian and Arabic communities were extremely protective especially the men never wanted their women to be touched by anyone. Human beings display their experiences and affection differently, and this explains the reasons why love language is different too.

I observed that people behave according to the way the things and people around them have shaped them. However, they also copy social interactions behaviors from the people around them. For instance, people who migrate to America tend to do what Americans do. The Africans for example copy the western culture and theirs become eroded. I realized that People live in an era where sex and sexual orientation are divisive pious and political issues. Some societies have regulations against homosexuality, while others have statues that protect people with different sexual orientations form others. In an era where people are confused with the different ways through which others express their affection, it is reasonable to wonder what is right and what is wrong. Sexuality is one of the essential drives behind everyone's feelings, views, and conducts. It determines the ways of biological procreation, explores psychological and sociological demonstrations of self, and orients a person's desire to others. Also, it outlines the brain and body to be pleasure-oriented. As significant as sexuality is to be human, it is often regarded as a forbidden topic for personal or scientific inquiry. Sexuality is a part of people that makes human, and it is what makes them expressed themselves in a given manner that can be understood by those around them. In the natural setting, it is essential to note that the principal role is to propagate species and this has to happen in a gradual manner where people first interact. The interaction is what takes place in different places such as restaurants, bars, public functions among others.

From the observation what stood out is that people have different ways of showing their affection towards one another. Some will want those they desire to read their admiration while some openly express themselves. People who have been brought up in cultures that teach on what to do and what not to find it difficult to easily express their sexual desires to other people despite them burning from inside because of how they have been taught. In the club, people's norms were being portrayed by how they carried themselves around.


In conclusion, it is essential to note that human sexuality can be expressed in different ways. People interact based on their sexual orientation, socia...

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