30 For 30 Bad Boys: Free Essay Dedicated to Detroit Piston

Published: 2022-09-20
30 For 30 Bad Boys: Free Essay Dedicated to Detroit Piston
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The movie explores and introduces the viewer to one of the greatest team in the history of basketball. It takes the viewer through the journey of Detroit, the vicissitudes the team faced in their quest to become the best and displays the winning attitude expressed by each team member that ensured victory in every game they took part in during their victorious time. The movie is not only entertaining but also educative as it captures a number of themes including leadership, character as well as communication skills that played a pivotal role in building one of the weakest teams into the best in the history of NBA. Therefore, this article analyses the different themes captured by the movie including leadership, character as well as the communication style of the team.

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Team identity of Pistons and how it was created

Based on the movie, it is deducible that the team was tough, united, and unbeatable. This took time to build and involved a lot of team discussions, the introduction of wonderful players, as well as the introduction of family culture, which played an important role in building the team spirit. Nonetheless, the team also had a negative identity, which was because of their unprofessional performance during a match (Billings & Blackstone, 2015). For example, the team members were abusive and often intimidated their opponents during a match and this often lowered the morale of their opponents. The team started as a laughing stock, the players were weak, and nobody wanted to associate with them during the leagues. Due to dedication team spirit and a common desire to win, the team grew into a champion and earned respect in NBA.

Styles used by the piston when playing in the court

In the movie 30 for 30 bad boys viwewing the play stratgy and style, the team was mostly offensive when handling their competitors, they also employed a lot of defense and aims to ensure their victory. They attacked their competitors with so much strength and vigor it left the other team wondering. The Detroit team was aggressive, rude and confident in the court, they often employed the divide and rule analogy to intimidating their competitors into submission for their own advantage. For example, The Detroit team was known for their dirty play, unprofessional conduct, and many unwarranted fouls. In one of the scenes, it showed team members walking out of the court 7.6 seconds before time. The team psychologically tortured their opponents into submission and this was portrayed in one of the scenes that showed how the team was unapologetic after making a mistake and often used abusive words when handling their competitors. On one occasion a Detroit team player pushed an opponent off the air, indicating how unsports like the team was (Barker, 2015).

Team chemistry developed by the pistons, where it come from, how it developed and examples.

As shown in the shown in the initial scenes of the movie, the pistons started as a bunch of people with a common desire of winning. There was no much chemistry during the beginning years of the team and this was evident when some of the team members quit due to harassment by their mates. With time the team realized that they had to work together in order to beat the dynasties that for years ruled the game and this formed the basis of their discussion on many occasions. The team chemistry was mostly influenced by lost games which they could have won, were they to play as a team and not an individual. Team members soon become selfless and ball sharing become the norm, they began looking at each other's backs and this ensured more victory for them, they had a different view they saw themselves as a family united against a common enemy.

The Concept of Leadership

Thomas and Joe Dumars potrays excelent traits and leadership. The two were strong offensive members of the team. They were the guards of the team and ensured that the team remained in control of the ball. They defended the team with all their might and were the reason why the team remained on top throughout the season. Laimbeer, one of the greatest shooters of his time could shoot from outside or dribble the ball and shoot from within and every short was a goal. His shots from a long-range become one of the trademarks of team piston (Billings & Blackstone, 2015) he led the team to many victories during the season. Rodman and Thomas during the first season were named the NBA all-defensive for their exceptional defensive tactics during all their Matches. Rodman led the team in rebounds as well as in shooting; the man mostly shot blank layups, on the other hand, Thomas was instrumental in scoring. All the team members played their roles responsibly thereby ensuring defeat during the season.

Communication styles employed by the coach and the team

The movie brings out the theme of communication employed by the coach as assertive and aggressive. The coach is seen as an assertive communicator who wanted change and settled for nothing other than teamwork. The coach often took the team outside the pitch after a game, gave them room to speak out their hearts, and corrected the mistakes he saw on the pitch. He emphasized on team communication and brotherhood, he encouraged team members to speak to each other while on the pitch during a game. He believed that such communication ensured that team members' develop an excellent mental state that could allow them to work as one. The movie also displays the couch as a patient individual who was ready to work with the team until all he wanted to be changed was so (Barker, 2015). In as much as he was assertive in his communication, he was also aggressive, this could be seen during the matches when he pushed the players to work on their flows and benched those who were not taking his instructions until they learned and were ready to be team players.

Mental skills portrayed by the team.

The casts bring out the team as strong mentally and with a deep desire to settle for nothing less than winning. The game of the team piston was more psychological, they understood how to discourage their opponents for their own advantage, and this worked. The team members always exhibited confidence in the pitch and often saw each other as brothers, they were selfless with each other but very mean to their opponents, and this boosted their teamwork and contributed to most of their wins.

In conclusion, I can say that the documentary was exceptional and I loved it. In as much as the team exhibited too much pride and selfishness against their opponents, I loved their style and their mental attitude. The team had a winning mentality and exhibiting a high level of teamwork and to me this was impressive. The team also had excellent defenders and professional shooters, which made the game extremely interesting.


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