Free Essay on HR Policies of Alabama Medicaid Agency

Published: 2019-10-15
Free Essay on HR Policies of Alabama Medicaid Agency
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It is critical that managers have a clear understanding of the nature of the policies, which they are charged to implement. Public policy is a mechanical process that carries decisions that have been agreed upon by the stakeholders of a particular public entity. However, the implementation processes of such policies are a daunting task. Along its way there are obstacles that affect the success of its effort. Therefore, it is important that the context of a policy is understood. That is, the policy must have a clear purpose and its intended outcome must add value to the organisation. Besides,, the staff should understand the problem being addressed by the policy. However, the policy outcomes must be clearly stated so that the staff can bare its expectations in mind. It is because a policy influences the dynamics of the implementation process. Some policies like the elimination of subsidies involve less administrative complexity. It can be implemented swiftly and generates immediate noticeable public reactions. On the other hand, policies of decentralisation require more administrative effort and time and tend to have less impact on the public at full range. Moreover, it produces varying types of bureaucratic and public response. Therefore, most policies present characteristics that have many variables relating to bureaucratic involvement, technical complexity and public reactions (Hallsworth & Rutter, 2011).

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Recruitment Policy

Based t Joyce Jelks, interview, who is a medical supervisor of Alabama Medical Agency, it is clear that she understands the policy of the organisation regarding her jobs description. Besides the clarity of the policies on employment, I also agree that the Agencys terms of employment are very progressive. In the world of gender discrimination, it is fair enough to state that the employment policies of Alabama Medical Agency do not discriminate against the minorities (State of Alabama Medicaid Agency, 2008). Such case is reminiscent of how Miss Jelks was employed from the private sector and through her merits; she was promoted to a supervisor. The Agencys employment policy also dictates that the organization shall not discriminate any employee based on race, disability and nationality. Hence, it provides a free and fair environment for every employee to progress without the fear of being treated unfairly. However, the agency can be faulted on its exceptional employment policy. I think in a progressive world, it is improper to assume that one single person can hold unique qualification against everyone. Such clause in the policy can be manipulated by the Appointing Authority to appoint and individual based on bias.

Therefore, the Agency must adopt a policy that allows for an open recruitment process that identifies more than one competing exceptional individuals for fairness. It must also have a formula for identifying such special person.

Employ Performance Appraisal and Reward

On the other hand, from the interview, Jelks is fully satisfied with the appraisal tool used for evaluating the employee performance. As much as she agrees, one can imagine that her junior employees are likely to give a different answer. It is because, during evaluation, there is always a likelihood of criterion interference occurring .hence, causing unfair evaluation of employees. However, from a supervisor who understands her responsibilities and who is involved in the formulation of the appraisal method, one is bound to believe that the process is fair. What is baffling is the Alabama Medical Agency employee reward policy. It is unfair for an organisation to carry an annual appraisal but proceed to leave performing employees unrewarded on several occasions, as stated by Miss Jelks. I recommend the agency to do an annual employee evaluation. It is the only way to identify the value of each employee in the organisation and work on how to improve performances. However, it has poor employee reward policies that will likely demoralise its workers (Van Dooren, Bouckaert & Halligan, 2015).

The idea of the agency to freeze merits is against the regulation policies regarding federal jobs. Note that a federal employee, have the privilege to go up the merit grade-scale based on his or her performances and qualifications in case there is no vacancy in the organisation. Moreover, each rise in merit scale equates to pay rise. Therefore, I suggest that the organisation should employ consistent methods of rewarding its employees. It is a difficult task. However, since there are a freeze merit and a probable wage freeze, it is imperative for the organisation to involve all the employees in formulating another form of reward policies. By involving the employees, Alabama Medical Agency will increase employee engagement and commitment (Rehman, 2012).

Employee Recruitment and Retention policy

Just as Miss Jelks admits, the recruitment process is limited to a register that is pulled from the Human Resource office (State of Alabama Medicaid Agency, 2008). Though one can understand that the agencys intention is to make the recruitment process to be as transparent as possible, such recruitment policy is likely to leave out many competent prospective employees. The process is also likely to put an applicant to an extended period of waiting before he or she receives a call up for a job in the agency. Secondly, from the supervisors response, it is very unfortunate that the Alabama Medicaid does not have a clear recruitment plan. Therefore, it is proper to deduce that the agencys hiring process always leaves out some of the best employees who are likely to benefit the organisation. Also, it is likely to facilitate bias during the hiring process (Rehman, 2012). Finally, the process becomes unattractive to the millennial employees who are maybe yearning to work in a public institution. Unfortunately, the agency does not have a strategy that lures young talents right from colleges. Hence, it must start its recruitment process from the college level. I suggest that the company should adopt an active internship policy that seeks to mentor young talents that are fresh from colleges alone (Luscombe, Lewis, & Biggs, 2013).

Retention policy

It is recommended that the agency formulates recruitment policies that can compete with the private sector for the best talent. In doing so, the agency must provide job security to the applicants. Apparently, the organisation does not have a convincing retention plan. The policy formulators must understand that most new graduates hoping to work in government agencies feel that there is no job security. Instead, they opt to take their talents to the private sector. The millennial has also discovered that one does not have to work in government agencies to serve the citizens. Therefore, Alabama Medicaid Agency must have a clear retention policy that guarantees employees their job security. It should also enhance its benefit policy to avoid competition from the private sector (Rehman, 2012). Finally, the agency should restructure its recruitment plan to attract millennial employees. Before making a register of applicants, it must ensure that the hiring process attracts as many great talents as possible. Instead of relying on websites, the agency must adopt new ways of connecting with prospective employees. The principal way is to use social media instead of the organisations website alone (Luscombe, Lewis, & Biggs, 2013).

Remuneration policy

Being a federal agency, the employee compensation plan of Alabama Medicaid Agency adheres to the state laws (State of Alabama Medicaid Agency, 2008). Just as Miss Jelks is unsure, whether employees should bargain for their salaries or stick to the agencys current set of the pay scale, I think her response depicts her satisfaction with the current pay scale. Though the organisation has communicated much on the various benefits it provides to its employees instead of the comprehensive employee package. What is clear is that such benefits are very attractive to its employees and are likely to cause less discord. It is for this reason that I think it is unnecessary to involve employees in salary bargain while the employee promotion package is in place. Also, allowing an employee to negotiate for his or her salary may result in imbalance remunerations among employees or sudden demand for a pay rise by other employees. Benefits provided by the agency have proven to be a significant employee retaining factor for the organisation. Hence, the agency should only resort to increasing the amount paid on various benefits to assert employee satisfaction and commitment. However, I have learnt that if an organisation offers employees proper benefits that supplement their salary, then employees are bound to remain satisfied and unlikely to demand a pay rise (Van Dooren, Bouckaert & Halligan, 2015).

Political Activities

Despite Alabama Medical Agency having a clear Policy on employee political activities, it is unfortunate that Miss Jelks is unsure of the existence of such guideline. A good policy is that which is well understood by the employees for they are the ones who have the responsibility of implementing them. As a supervisor who knows that the primary objective is to provide Medicaid to all residents of Alabama, she should realise that such mission is only achievable if employees remain non-partisan. Hence, as a senior employee, she should be aware that the policy exists in the organisation. However, the blame lies on the management who have failed to ensure that all policies are frequently communicated, and employees have their expectations in mind. Through Miss Jelks case of ignorance, I have learnt that it is possible for an organisation to stress on individual policies over the others. Therefore, I suggest that the agency should understand that every policy has an impact on the companys achievement. Thus, it should proceed to communicate its policies continuously to it employees (Hallsworth & Rutter, 2011).


In conclusion, policies have variable characteristics relating to bureaucratic involvement, technical complexity and public reactions. Also, from the assessment, it is right to deduce that the Alabama Medicaid Agency policies on employee recruitment, performance appraisal, remunerations and retention are progressive. However, the organisation must adopt certain strategies to strengthen the existing policies. For instance, the exception employment policy may be compromised to the advantage of particular candidates. More, by limiting itself to the registration list, the agency is unable to reach out for the best talents for its jobs. Therefore, it should adopt flexible recruitment plans that resonate with millennials. Besides, the agency should not only conduct annual appraisal but must ensure that performing employees are awarded. It should not say that freeze merits are enough to demoralise the performing employees. Despite having benefits policy that is attractive to its employees, it remains insufficient in assuring employees on their job security. Lack of job security may hinder the agency from attracting young talents. Its employment policy must lean towards permanent employment. Finally, the company must communicate its policies frequently to its employees so that the contexts are well understood and implemented.


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