Statement of Interest Essay Sample - Art and Public Health

Published: 2019-11-18
Statement of Interest Essay Sample - Art and Public Health
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Public health is fashionable in the sense that it is able to influence the perceptions of people. It incites a lot of interest from the media, researchers, and scholars alike, driving the fundamental framework for the foundation of an array of academic programs. Successively, over the recent past, the public health domain has seen heightened health awareness programs through fashion campaigns. We live in an era where various methods are used to communicate or rather inform the public on health conditions that are affecting us; fashion being among the major strategies. Furthermore, the success of such endeavors necessitates candid comprehension of the subject matter. Therefore, armed with relentless interest in fashion and a strong desire to excel, I embark on a journey to align myself with a program that will elevate my skill set in art and public health. I realize that most public healthcare disparities can be effectively solved through a blend of art, public healthcare, and global health concerns. Extensive research reveals that fashion campaigns and fashion products have been very successful in promoting health issues over the recent past hence the imperative nature of pursuing a major in fashion marketing.

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My interest in fashion dates back to my childhood days. Ever since, I have always been fascinated by its impact in the society. It is amazing to see how over the years, fashion has dependably influenced the societys choices in style, current, and future trends. In light of the dynamic and ever changing global market environment, fashion has proven to adopt a sustainable strategy that enables the industry to sail through the economic storms and maintain being among the leading factors. Such strategies have only helped to increase my focus in fashion; especially on the ongoing trends. I have grown to view fashion as an innovative, enchanting, and a continually changing industry in addition to being a form of art. From a personal viewpoint, most people use fashion to communicate something about them or rather express their personality and beliefs. Good examples include the groups in the Emo and Goth culture who put on certain and unique forms of clothing to represent their cultures. I dependably employ fashion to demonstrate my identity and add some glamour in my life. I generally like the vintage style; a time when ladies were more freed to wear what they wanted and also express their personality. The opportunity was communicated through straightforward yet rich plans that were delightfully coordinated, embellished with adornments, and spoke to the style and class of that time.

My academic background, passion, and experience has been instrumental in the realization that networking is a key aspect of successful marketing strategies. Fashion marketing therefore necessitates devotion in an effort to push the underlying objectives hence the need for passion in this field. Furthermore, a profound comprehension of the items and customers needs is important; keeping in mind that the end goal is to advance the items viably. As a fashion marketing major with involvement in public health, I am currently hoping to propel my professional abilities and also influence other individuals who might be interested in my field of study. Having precisely considered my choices right now, I have chosen to seek after a program in Fashion Marketing to develop the skill and capacities that I should start a remunerating and effective profession.

Today, innovation has stirred a spark in communication by revolutionizing the domain. A god example is the social media platforms gaining popularity as a marketing tool. Thus, there is heightened interest in utilizing web-based social networking for the communication of public health issues. Be that as it may, there is limited research on the success of such endeavors in impacting public health awareness. In addition, numerous non-governmental organizations are striving to explore different avenues regarding the utilization of new marketing and communication tools for both data sharing and behavioral change. The missing piece of the puzzle is the best approach to connect with the internet users and what sorts of messages slice through the online disarray. I believe that a campaign in fashion is that piece.

Taking a gander at the recent global activities, there is plausible evidence that public health campaigns on chief platforms can and have had significant impact on health and illness issues. Building the backdrop for leading health and fashion campaigns through social media necessitates a blend of successful conventional as well as current techniques. In spite of the immense potential to convey financially savvy public healthcare campaigns, only constrained collection of research is accessible to program organizers to create and assess their campaigns. This comprehension therefore, only serves to heighten my interest and future focus in fashion, art, and public health. Looking at a selection of case study fashion campaigns and public health literature the interdependence and correlation between these domains becomes evident, not only in the corporate sector but also outside public health compass.

Consequently, my primary objective is to impact the society and achieve a future where people lead healthy lives and are informed on the various conditions that risk the progress of the community. From a personal outlook, the knowledge concerning special needs has not yet prevailed; especially when it comes to public knowledge of individuals. In other words, the people that are aware of the conditions and the problems that individuals with special needs go through are those that associate with them on a regular basis.

Individuals with special needs tend to be an important population in the society; having equal share in rights and benefits. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to use the fashion industry to address some of the challenges that they face in regards to public health. The idea is to make the public aware of the condition for them to prevent mislabeling individuals and also for them to give autistic individuals the support that they require. An area of interest that I purpose to focus on in my future work is autism. Autism can be described as a neurobehavioral condition that entails disabilities when it comes to skills in communication, interaction and also engagement in monotonous behavior. It is worth noting that it is now referred to as autism spectrum disorder because of the cormobidity of conditions. Most people tend to mislabel individuals with autism as stupid, slow of speech and mentally challenged in handling day to day activities.

Similarly to conditions such as AIDS and Cancer that have used fashion to spread awareness on the conditions, I find using fashion to spread the awareness of autism as a potential strategy. Not only does fashion inform the public on the condition but also reminds the public of the condition in addition to getting rid of cases regarding labeling. Some of the factors in fashion that I might incorporate in the campaign include; wristbands, t-shirts, caps and also scarves. The items will have the slogans spread the awareness on autism for the public to get the main idea of the campaign. Furthermore, a unique color, for example purple, might be incorporated as the color representing autism (similarly to how the campaign on HIV/AIDS uses red).The idea is to give the items on interested parties as a reminder on the relevance of addressing the issue and also creatively using fashion as technique of spreading awareness on autism. A similar technique may also be used to spread awareness on other conditions in special needs; conditions such as ADD, Downs syndrome, mental retardation and also physical disabilities. Other factors to consider in such a campaign include social media sites and websites for the purpose of targeting a large audience to take part in the campaign.

As stated earlier, extensive research reveals that fashion campaigns and fashion products have been very successful in promoting health issues over the recent past hence the imperative nature of pursuing a major in fashion marketing. The fashion industry exhibits potential when it comes to addressing issues in public health. By using fashion as one of the strategies in spreading the awareness on autism, I believe that a large population will be influenced as per the results of other public health campaigns that have been successful in using fashion to spread awareness on issues in public health; a good example is the campaign on HIV/AIDS that incorporates wristbands.

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