Movie Analysis Essay on "La Casa De Papel"

Published: 2023-10-13
Movie Analysis Essay on "La Casa De Papel"
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Money Heist, alias “La Casa De Papel” is an action film that features criminals, some f who had lost hope in society. It takes the viewers through four different runs while the team attempts to pull off some of the most difficult and unprecedented robberies. The group activities are masterminded by a man dubbed, The Professor. Having spent most of his time analyzing every single possibility, both existent and non-existent, he attempts to guide his group through his plans (Palmer, 2020). Their activities are targeted against the haves of society, and they seek to pull off these robberies without harming anyone. However, while every aspect of the plan would seem well-worked and thought-out, circumstances would always turn out differently during its execution. So far, throughout the four runs experienced, four major characters have died, while a number of others have come close to suffering the same fate.

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Having survived a gunshot in the previous run, Alba Flores alias Nairobi ultimately dies. Previously, she had been shot in the chest by a Spanish police officer, who had lured her out of their hiding place, with the promise of reuniting with her son. But for the efforts of her group, she would not have made it. Sadly though, she survived one gunshot only to end up being taken down by another. Gandia, who was also a police officer, shot her in the head, despite promising t release her after using her as leverage to get away from her group who had trapped him.

Nairobi, arguably, was the glue that held the entire team together (Palmer, 2020). She always got along with everyone in the group, and radiated positive energy whenever they would all gather. Her determination to see out the plan also rubbed positively on the otherwise, as she would constantly motivate them to hang in there, even when their whole world was falling apart. It is, therefore, no coincidence that everyone lost their cool when that bullet hit her head, subsequently ending her.

Everyone was in disarray. The plan seemed hopeless. Everyone was in tears and angered at the same time. One of the group members lost his cool and went firing a gunshot at Nairobi’s slayer. The Professor whose principles revolved around adherence to the plan lost his stability as well. For the first time, he is so affected by the death of one of the team members that he sets off to avenge her death spectacularly. Suddenly, everything revolves around avenging the death of Nairobi and ensuring that her death was not in vain. Thus, the plan ought to go through at whatsoever cost.

The film indicates the various reactions different people have when death comes knocking at the doors of those closest to them. People tend to grieve differently. Others go through a total meltdown, others grieve through anger, whereas others choose to keep the deceased memory alive, and attempt to live their lives in honor of them.


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