Paper Example on Engaging the Private Sector to Promote Homeland Security

Published: 2022-12-26
Paper Example on Engaging the Private Sector to Promote Homeland Security
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Exercise 1: Ethics and the Protection of Assets

Security directors are required to be keen on understanding the role played by ethics in an organization's plan in protecting assets because unethical behavior is a threat to the security of an organization. Security executives are supposed to undertake a sensitive investigation, which calls for rigorous attention to ethical matters just as the recent boardroom scandal has displayed it at Hewlett-Packard (Moussa, 2007). It is, therefore, crucial for security executives to understand the need for ethics because it is their responsibility to provide security to physical assets, personal safety, and tangible property. Indeed, security directors should understand played by ethics in a firm to prevent tarnishing the reputation of the organization. Additionally, it helps to prevent assets and individuals involved from quitting their jobs and seek work elsewhere, which result in a loss to the company. The losses incurred can spoil the relationship between customers if the business people cannot be trusted or provide substandard work. At the same time, workers behavior can disrupt the working conditions in case there is tension among employees and the top leadership. For instance, the way a manager handles claims a claim of harassment or workplace violence as examples of ethical matters about the behaviors of employees. Employers can prevent ethical issues by bringing a third party to review and investigate set standards, which dictate behavior policies for workers at all, levels (Trevino & Nelson, 2016). It is therefore significant for a business to develop plans to deal with problems early enough to aid prevent legal matters as the company expands.

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Exercise 2: Private-Public Relationships in Policing- Exploring a Trending Model to Prevent Crime and Combat Terrorism

A number of approaches have been utilized by researchers to describe the strength of police such as organizational theory, rational choice and conflict perspectives. Due to the lack of ability of the logical choice or organizational theory to adequately describe how the police are deployed has resulted in the advancement of other theories. Most of these theories are connected with conflict models, which explore the relation between formal social control and the control of populations that are a threat to the status quo (Ruddell, Thomas, Patten, n.d.). Initially, the conflict perspective was based on the economic risk which proposed that higher levels of formal social control were a requirement to maintain the political, economic and social structure at the time of financial crisis. On the same note, there are various organizational aspects which impacts the way through which police executives can deploy their officers. For instance, regulatory constraints like the budgetary process affect the strength of police. Longitudinal research undertaken by the Phoenix Police Department in an attempt to determine organizational theory has aided in predicting the power of the police. Asserts that are general hostility against private security personnel is that by legal contract, they are required to act in a particular manner whereby they can only protect individuals who can afford to pay for their service at the disadvantage of the public good.

Regardless of the risk for a terrorism directed at my facility, I will work in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security. Homeland security works to enhance the safety of the US. The work of the Department of Homeland Security includes emergency response to human-made and natural calamities, border, customs and enforcement of immigration, cybersecurity, and antiterrorism. Although Homeland Security is doing this, there is need to collaborate with private security as well as police and other government bodies to protect and prevent the country against any threats from within and outside the country (Morabito & Greenberg, 2005). It is significant to exchange information to be able to detect any suspicious thing. Consequently, it will be beneficial to develop a memorandum of understanding and proper coordination agreements between private and public agencies.


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