Free Essay about Lobbyist Influence

Published: 2019-10-07
Free Essay about Lobbyist Influence
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Healthcare Lobbyist groups help shape public opinion on health facilitating programs working hand in hand with various organizations with dissimilar interests. The public is astonishingly loyal to targeted taxes that reserve returns for health-enhancing tenacities. This article uncovers the Health Care Lobbyist Groups activities in contrast to their real advocated programs and their impact to the overall society.

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A number of such groups are; American Hospital Association, American cancer society and American nurses association. These lobbyist groups primarily do not advocate for better services towards healthcare hence arent good for healthcare ("Overweight, Obesity, and Health Risk", 2000). These lobbyist groups conducted various activities in Washington which had impacts upon my doctors visit, examinations on facts surrounding advertisement by industries on more consumption of snacks majorly targets children with sweeter sugary snacks which introduce obesity, there is a disastrous legacy of various lobbyist groups who have revolutionized the feeding habits of individuals across the world, (Morone & Ehlke, 2014). Previously individuals decided upon whatever they should consume.

Food companies deliver sweet foods and excessively and such are risky. In my fin dings, the number of obese victims doubles the former results, averagely more than a third of American adults are victims of obesity which is attributed to sugary and high fat meals that lobbyist groups advertise and promote ("Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 1988-1991", 1994).

I found that HCFS are consumed in foods and soft drinks and are highly addictive and findings related to these HCFS that have adverse effects to consumers health are discredited. Food portion sizes are increased and their costs too to advance sales, this is vivid in McDonalds. This indicates how advertising industries advocate for consumers to take more other than the previous habits of consuming less and satisfactorily. There are other successive initiatives by the government and other health campaigns whose main goal is to promote business and not a healthier nation (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014).

Finally, the healthcare lobbyist groups majorly do not focus on their ultimate goal of enhancing regulations to food manufacturers and other related industries on food production. In cases of discovered impending hazardous effects due to certain food consumptions, substitutes introduced have similar side effects; therefore this indicates that there are no changes made to date.


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