Business Analysis in a Free Essay Example

Published: 2017-11-08
Business Analysis in a Free Essay Example
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The Chief Executive Officer

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Duties and Responsibilities

• The C.E.O is the one in charge of monitoring the operations of the whole company including all the established branches.

• The C.E.O is also the one to develop and set up policies that will enable and enhance the better performance of the enterprise.

• He is also the one to drive the business towards achieving the business goals and also the long term goals.


• Should be an MBA holder with at least ten years of experience in managing a company.

• A Doctorate in the in a management course would be an added advantage.

The General Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

• Ensuring that all established company branches are running smoothly also including the main office headquarters.

• Ensuring that all equipment that is needed in the operations of a particular branch are catered for and that are available at all times.

• Assesses all the fiscal spending of all the available branches.


• Should be a Bachelor’s degree holder in Commerce and Economics or other equivalent business courses.

• An MBA would be an added advantage.

• He/She should have at least five years’ experience at a management position.

The Branch Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

• Managing an office’s operation without regard to all the other branches that will be set up.

• He should set up policies that would enhance the total performance of his/her entitled branch.

• Will be responsible for forwarding all the branch requirements regarding staff, equipment for operation and the supplies needed and also sends the branch’s total monthly income to the general manager.


• Should be a Bachelor’s degree holder in Commerce and Economics or other equivalent business courses.

• An MBA would be an added advantage.

• He/She should have at least three years’ experience at a management position.

The Human Resource Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

• Carter and advocate for the needs and requirements of the workers.

• Monitor the working conditions and ensure that they are of the required standards.

• Ensure that the rights and requirements of the employees are adhered to

• Recruiting new staff for available vacancies in the company and also firing of staff.


• Should be a Human Resource Degree holder with at least five years experience.

• A master's in human resource management would be an added advantage.

• He/She should be a certified human resource manager.

The Finance Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

• Managing the calculations and forwarding of all the total income from all the available printer cartridges in a particular branch to the Branch Manager. The branch manager then forwards to the General Manager and later to the C.E.O, and this will be done on a daily basis and then later at the end of the month for the total sales of the month.

• Forward all the monthly costs of the products and also what each branch spends in its operations.

• Calculate and forward the monthly profits to the management.

• He/she will be responsible for preparing each employee’s pay slip.


• One should be a holder of a Bachelors degree in Accounting and Commerce.

• An MBA/MSc in Finance would be of added advantage.

• He/She should have an experience of about five years in the same line of work.

The Organizational Structure Organogram


This chapter will look at the external factors affecting the operation of the business, i.e., it will dwell on the external business environment. The market analysis will, therefore, be carried out highlighting the current trends in the market and the future outlook and trends in this market. The chapter will go further and give a detailed analysis of the company’s competitors regarding their strengths and weaknesses.

4.1 Market Analysis

Current trends in the market

The market/ Industry has been experiencing rapid growth in increased demand for printer cartridges both in the business establishments and local and government authorities. This increased demand has attracted potential players into the market, and competition has started to increase as compared to the recent past. This has seen businesses come up with strategies to ensure that the get a portion of the rapidly growing market share. The growth trend is, therefore, steady at the moment, and it is predicted to continue growing soon.

Future outlook and trends

According to the current market/ industrial trends and prospects of sales in this field of business, the predicted growth trend is positive both in short and long-term projections as they highly indicate and show great chances and opportunities of growth and stability. This is well justified by the strategic entry by other potential business ventures into the market. This will lead to firms coming up with different strategies and plans that are geared towards bringing about their acceptance into the market. It is therefore predicted that with the advancement in technology, firms will be able to advance new techniques using this platform to lure potential customers into becoming their brand loyal.

With these trends, competition is predicted to rapidly increase in the future which will result in better quality and services offered in the market. Other firms will also be forced out of the market due to this increased competition.

4.2 Market Forecast

The size of firms in the industry is at a medium range, and this gives a better room for growth and expansion of the proposed business in its technical community. Considering this fact the business has high chances of development and growth in the market. Demand for printer cartridges also has in the recent past rapidly increased thereby giving the industry room for expansion.

There is a rapid introduction of new technology in the market that ensures better services to consumers and acceptance in the market by the targeted customers offering favourable technology to the customers. This will thus enhance the fast growth of the established business. For example the use of technology and innovation such as computer programming, where applications are developed whereby clients can now shop online. Customer services can also be conducted on this platform.

The market in itself ensures easy entry of new competitors into the business. This results in high levels of competition which call for the provision of better products and services so as to ensure we retain and grow our customer base thus ensuring survival in the industry as the sector is driven by the consumers.

4.3 Competitive Analysis

Potential competitors in this market include firms such as Hp Cartridges, Cartridge World, Island Cartridges, Your Printer Cartridge Company Ltd and other local firms that refill used up cartridges. All these businesses offer the same kind of products in this market, which is mostly selling printer cartridges. Though all these companies sell the same kind of products and offer, they control different portions of the market share due to the different selling and marketing strategies that are applied by them and their positioning in the market.

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