Research Methods

Published: 2017-11-11
Research Methods
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Assignment 5

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Please save this paper to your computer (or jump drive) and answer each question on this form. All answers must be in complete sentences with proper spelling and grammar. This assignment is worth 10 points.

Using the peer-reviewed scholarly journal article posted on our class website, answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1. What technique was used to select subjects and assign them to groups?

The research design was prospective experimental. The subjects were randomly assigned to the control group and the treatment group using a database program so as to ensure that the subjects have the same characteristics before the introduction of treatment.

  1. What are the independent and dependent variables?

The independent variable was the proactive enforcement of court-imposed no-contact orders. On the other hand, the dependent variables included offender behavior (offender recidivism) and victim safety and well-being.

  1. What threats exist in this design?

There were problems in contacting the victims for interviews (non-response problems) with only contact rates of about 38 % being realized in the treatment group. Also, the challenges in administering the treatment condition affected the validity of the study.

  1. What conclusions can be made from this research?

It can be concluded that proactive enforcement of no-contact orders has no statistically significant effect on the reduction of offender recidivism.

  1. What suggestions can be offered to address the threats to this study?

To address the threats of non-response among the victims, future researchers should make an effort to contact the victims in court as opposed to their homes so as to minimize the challenges posed by highly transient nature of some of the subjects.

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