Free Essay about Character Sketch

Published: 2018-07-11
Free Essay about Character Sketch
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Character Analysis Introduction

The main character is a female who is in her last phase of teenage life. She is friendly and adventurous with an aura of a generation Y kid. She depicts an energy and thrill of life by leading an adventurous life. She enjoys the bravado that comes with young age by going out to parties with friends and participating in similar social events. She leads a youthful life as any other teenager would have loved to. However, she is trapped internally trying to figure out whom she desires to be and what principles inform her decisions. While this youthful energy has driven her life, it is no longer fulfilling.

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The dwindling satisfaction derived from her hippy life has led her to seek for something that would occupy this hollow. Lack of contention with the life she is leading has made her gloomy. She wants to get some stability which she is yet to figure out what or where she can get it. Her friends are reprimanding and pretentious. Despite how much she cherishes and enjoys sharing with them, they still turn their backs on her. Her past life has haughty stories, but she is at a turning point. The path she picks from here on could be her defining decision.

She has a thrill that she follows to ends that the people follow to whatever end. A thrill has iconized her life that she is yet to find for the next phase that she is approaching. While in the past she has depicted resilience, she is currently wavering. Besides, the jumble she is still alive. It could be her ultimate misguiding factor hindering her from the realization of her new resolve.

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