Free Essay Example - Literary Texts and Contemporary Events

Published: 2023-02-21
Free Essay Example - Literary Texts and Contemporary Events
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The events about the protection of the L.G.B.T workers reveal the oppression that these workers have been subjected to and the rationales that are put in place to ensure their rights are adversely protected. The exploitation of the primary contemporary concerns by the American states on the event allows literary texts to capture the events and record them for future use. The daily activities that are being recorded and presented in the news portray how race and culture of the people are of significant meaning for growth and development. In the case of contrast, literary texts act as the lead stick in comprehending the valuable concepts those most contemporary societies assert as their basic fallbacks. The community we live in has significant events that validate people's identity and race-based on issues that surround their social setting. The activities that are being recorded in daily news shows primary concerns that are needed to address the various menaces that occur daily in our lives. Besides, records from literary texts have attempted to rationalize the situation by allowing positive evaluation of significant concerns and providing a frank assessment of the topic of discussion through the adoption of essential approaches. This paper focuses on examining the events in the protection of the L.G.B.T workers and their relationship with the most literary texts that attempt to capture the evidence.

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The implications in the literary texts such as "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and "The Passing and The South" portray an outstanding evaluation and analysis of events that reveal the relation between the events in the news and those that are depicted in the texts. The race is an integral concern that every literary attempt to address, primarily based on national events that daily occurs and recorded in new. For instance, in the news about the Supreme Court and the Civil Rights Protection for the L.G.B.T Workers, the event in the report reveals a significant division in terms of race and culture that governs the entire society and efforts that are being to ensures that these works are adequately protected (Zugelder & Champagne, 2018). Mark Twain, in his book "The adventures of Huckleberry Finn," reveals the lifestyle of people along the Mississippi River, although the society has ceased from existing. The verdicts captured in the books resonate that events that were published in the news events about the protection of the L.G.B.T workers. The choice of language that is exhibit in both the text and the news event not only portrays consistent rendition but also attempts to address the main issues that are being mentioned. Twain exploits the use of cynical pretense to avoid conflict in his text. Similarly, the civil rights activist also created a conducive environment to provide excellent protection to the workers.

Additionally, both the texts and the contemporary event express a conception of the world through the use of compelling examples. The case of the L.G.B.T workers reveals the societal concern to give its people proper protection from pressures from the outside. This is a Marxist approach and validates the main concepts that most events should aim at addressing. Twain's text, on the other hand, reveals how a relationship can be created to ensure every member of the society is accommodating within the social setting. Interestingly, "The adventures of Huckleberry Finn reveal that the human race is on steadfast race and depends on each other for restoration. Similarly, in Margaret's novel, "The Passing and The South," an inclusion of valuable aspects of a contemporary relationship is exhibited and useful through the choice of characters and themes to address her concerns (Zugelder & Champagne, 2018). Most literary texts use fictional approaches to reveals contemporary events as well as allow readers to explore more in evaluation and analysis.

However, the texts and the contemporary event recorded in the news portray significant contrast. As the books use fictional approaches and themes to address main concerns about certain aspects of life, the present captures firsthand information and goes live to ensure an amicable solution is reached. In Twain's text, the author explored the relationship between Huck and the new life in schools and churches. Huck remains stuck to Tom Sawyer bequest about the "new robbers" gang. The character must remain respectable throughout the scenes. However, things changed when he returned home, drunk, and demanded to be recognized. According to Joslin (2014), these events contrast the ones captured in the contemporary news about the L.G.B.T workers and the need for their protections (Joslin, 2014). Although the Supreme Court could not comprehend an applicable and comprehensive approach to address the concern, they were firm to their intended goal. The news reiterates that legal procedures are the only possible ways in which such issues can be treated and validated based on the intensity. In "The Passing and The South," Margaret also argues that the life lived by her characters is as a result of their relationship with the outside world and that they are the custodians of the future endeavors.

Literary texts act as a lens in which readers can use to understand the contemporary events that happen with their social setting. Most literary texts use several approaches to address an event or an occurrence. Through interaction with many characters, themes, and literary devices employed by literary writers on specific concepts, readers find it easy to analyses their contemporary issues. Choosing a text to study is the immediate step that readers can use to respond to various events that are taking place within the boards. According to Lamb (2019), literary texts have multiple responses that can be depicted after entirely evaluating its main themes and the author's points of view (Lamb, 2019). They also give readers an explicit understanding of concepts based on the approach presented. As a result, they navigate that no reading has a wrong or right response, though the method designed can be used to explore other events that are taking place within their social setting. Significantly, studying many texts revamp into novice readers the necessary skills that can be used to understand the contemporary events and their impacts on the lives of the people concerned. According to Beaver (2017), in Mark Twain's novel, "The adventures of Huckleberry Finn," he exploits how differences in the race can expose people to massive jeopardy (Beaver, 2017). As Huck tries to balance his relationship with other characters, it is evident that he was never thrilled with the new life. He later adopted a new lifestyle to cope with the changes that were being portrayed with other characters.

In conclusion, literary texts play a vital role in addressing concepts in contemporary events. Our society is faced with rapid socio-economic, cultural, and political events that can only be sent if proper records are made on them. The jury, therefore, affirms that the exploration of various texts helps readers to create an exceptional understanding of the basic concepts that their society intends to address. Overall, literary writers and news writers exploit significant approaches in addressing their main point of concern to allow their readers to validate the truth value intended.


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