Free Essay Sample on Apple's Marketing Strategy

Published: 2019-09-03
Free Essay Sample on Apple's Marketing Strategy
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The success of any company is as a result of its adoption of creative marketing strategies. Organizations are required to divert their attention to the needs, interests, and preferences of the customers which are always changing to influence the marketing strategies. The achievement of organizational goals is dependent on the identification of these needs in the target market and providing the desired satisfactions better than the competitors (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). It entails the integration of all the activities of the business to supply customers with the products they need, in the way, time, place, and the price they want them. Apple Inc. is well known for mastering this marketing concept through its products. This paper is an analysis of a case study on Apples winning marketing strategy. It explains how Apple has developed extreme loyalty among its customers leading to a cult-like following. The paper also highlights why Apples retail stores are an important part of its marketing strategy. Finally, the paper recommends measures for the company to maintain the customer loyalty.

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Apple is one of the few brands in the world that have managed to develop extreme customer loyalty. The company uses powerful promotion strategy to make its products part of their customers identity (Etherington, 2013). It has successfully adopted the concept of product evangelism to promote a cult-like assembly of followers. Product evangelism entails helping customers to envision a product for all its worth, thus, developing a firm belief in a products value. This translates to an excellent word of mouth marketing where the customers freely convince others to buy the product. Apples product evangelism practices have turned its customers into advocates who actively spread the word about the companys products on its behalf (Brosdahl, 2014). The company has a chief evangelist who creates awareness about Apples products to spur demand and enthusiasm among the customers. This has created a Mac cult of loyal followers who identify with the company. Apple has also promoted brand loyalty through its art of product innovation by developing useful, different, distinctive, and superior products for its customers (Apple, 2016).

Retail stores are part of Apples distribution and marketing strategy. The stores provide an opportunity to communicate effectively with the customers, grow awareness of products, promote customer satisfaction and increase sales (Crum, 2015). The good customer experience in the retail promotes customer loyalty. Highly trained employees provide excellent customer service in the store building the companys reputation. The retail stores also create an avenue for Apple to sell its products since customers can shop in the stores (Etherington, 2013). The success of the stores as a marketing platform has seen other companies enumerate the retail model. Additionally, the retail stores also play a significant role in enhancing Apples corporate identity. The design of the stores displays the reminiscent technology which the company stands for. For instance, the use of iPad stations with a customer service app is a sign of the companys commitment to providing innovative technological solutions. Retail stores also offer product displays to raise awareness and promote sales (Etherington, 2013). These aspects of Apples retail stores helps meet the needs of the customers leading to the success of its marketing strategy.

Apple will need to continue living up to its standards of innovation, quality and superior customer service to maintain the loyalty of its clients. The company will need to innovate and release new and better products that are responsive to the needs of the customers regularly. It needs to conduct extensive market research to identify the unmet desires of the customers and address them accordingly by providing simple easy to use product solutions (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). Additionally, the company should adhere to the established rules and regulations as violation can taint its brand name thus reduce customer loyalty. Corporate social responsibility requires the company to continue making profits while addressing the needs of the society and the environment (Apple, 2016). Therefore, to avoid ruining the existing brand image, Apple should develop environmentally friendly products and cater for the welfare of the society by avoiding the violations of supply chain regulations. Apple also needs to continue investing in its promotion strategies by continuously educating its customers on the benefits of its products. It should also provide top-notch customer experience to promote better customer experience and loyalty.

In conclusion, Apple is one of the leading brands in the electronics and software market. Its success is mainly attributed to the production of innovative products and the creative marketing strategies it employs to sell them. The company has mastered the art of customer evangelism to promote brand loyalty. This has propelled the company to greater heights creating a cult-like following from its clients. Apples marketing strategy has also benefited from its retail stores that provide an opportunity to interact with customers, grow awareness of products, promote customer satisfaction and increase sales. The company should keep up with the provision of innovative products on a regular basis to maintain the loyalty of the customers. It should also invest its marketing strategies and the delivery of exemplary customer service in its retail stores. The company should show his clients why they cannot live without its products. This will ensure that Apple keeps its value despite the stiff competition it faces in the hardware and software market.


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